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Thermo Scientific™ Verso 1-Step RT-PCR Kits

Get everything needed for RT-PCR in this complete set of reagents with a highly processive reverse transcriptase enzyme, available with regular or hot start Taq.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ AB1455B

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The Verso 1-Step RT-PCR system is composed of a processive RT enzyme that can effectively transcribe through difficult RNA secondary structure, and a buffer formulation that ensures high performance from both the reverse transcription step and the PCR step. This robust system delivers one-step convenience while maintaining high sensitivity and accuracy. Available in standard and hot-start formats.
  • Reverse transcription and amplification steps are carried out in a single reaction tube delivering convenient, fast analysis
  • Highly sensitive with a broad dynamic range: can accurately detect RNA input from 1pg to 1μg
  • High-affinity RT enzyme effectively transcribes through difficult RNA sequences
  • Optimized 1-Step buffer maximizes performance from both RT and PCR steps
  • Wide working temperature range (42° to 57°C) for success with GC-rich and other difficult templates
  • Included RT Enhancer prevents genomic DNA carryover, eliminating the need for separate DNase I treatment
  • RNase Inhibitor included in RT enzyme mix

Format Options:

1-Step RT-PCR Master Mix w/ThermoPrime Taq

  • Contains ThermoPrime Taq DNA polymerase for highly sensitive detection and analysis of RNA

1-Step RT-PCR ReddyMix Master Mix w/ThermoPrime Taq

  • Contains ThermoPrime Taq DNA polymerase for highly sensitive detection and analysis of RNA
  • ReddyMix Master Mix contains an inert red tracking dye and gel-loading precipitant
  • Reaction mix can be directly loaded onto agarose gels post-PCR, without the addition of loading dye
  • Red dye allows for easy sample visualization during reaction setup

1-Step RT-PCR Master Mix w/Thermo-Start Taq (Hot Start)

  • Contains Thermo-Start Taq DNA polymerase for hot start PCR activation to deliver maximum sensitivity and specificity
  • Safe for room temperature reaction setup
  • Thermo-Start Taq remains completely inactive until it is switched on by a high temperature incubation step at the start of the PCR reaction
  • Hot-start technology prevents non-specific amplification during reaction setup and the RT step, eliminating smearing and non-target bands

Verso RNA Control Kit

  • Intended for use as a positive control to monitor the performance of all RT-PCR components
  • Kit includes a 3.6kb RNA synthesized according to the sequence derived from bacteriophage MS2 and primers designed to generate a 522 bp product

Compatible with:

Verso cDNA Synthesis Kits

Recommended for:

1-Step RT-PCR



Master Mix with Thermo-Start Taq (Hot Start)
1-Step RT-PCR
400 x 25µL Rxns
Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Technical Documents

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