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Unmounted General Purpose Screens

Requires approximately one-tenth of the exposure time of traditional autoradiography film.

Brand:  GE Healthcare Lifescience 63-0034-86

Code : GX

Additional Details : Weight : 2.10200kg

Product Code. 11360362

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available. View the product for possible alternatives or contact our Product Support team on 01509 555888 for assistance



General Purpose (GP) and Multipurpose Standard (MS) screens are suitable for a wide variety of applications and can be used with radioisotopes such as 32P, 125I, 35S, 33P, and 14C. The durable cellulose acetate coating and the phosphor layer formulation of the GP and MS screens make them particularly well suited for 32P and 125I detection and quantitation. These are the screens of choice for 32P Northerns and Southerns and for 125I Western blots and gels.
  • Requires approximately one-tenth the exposure time of traditional autoradiography film.
  • Ten to one hundred times more sensitive than film, depending on isotope and sample type.
  • Wide linear dynamic range (five orders of magnitude) enables quantitation and visualisation of both weak and strong signals in a single exposure.
  • Reusable screens do not require chemicals, darkroom, or other special treatment for use.
  • Each step can be performed at the lab bench under normal lighting conditions and at room temperature.
  • Results are digitised using a storage phosphor imaging system (e.g., Typhoon, Storm, or PhosphorImager) and quantitated using ImageQuant software.


Screen and cassette
Unmounted General Purpose Screen