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Thermo Scientific™ ThermoPrme™ TaqDNA Polymerase ReddyMx™ PCR Kts and Master Mxes

Thermo Scientific™ ReddyMix formats save time by allowing for direct gel loading post-PCR.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ AB0790B

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ReddyMix buffers contain an inert red dye that eases PCR setup and aids in error-free pipetting, the precipitant allows the completed PCR reaction to be directly loaded onto agarose gels. PCR assays using standard Taq DNA polymerase and basic buffer formulations are subject to a loss in polymerase activity over the multiple high temperature steps of PCR cycling. ThermoPrime Taq DNA Polymerase has enhanced thermal stability to prevent this loss of activity. A proprietary buffer component protects ThermoPrime during high temperature steps, ensuring optimal performance throughout the reaction
  • Enhanced enzyme stability for increased yield
  • Advanced buffering system minimizes PCR optimization steps
  • Convenient Master Mix formats save time and reduce the risk of sample contamination during assay setup
  • Enhanced enzyme stability for increased yield over standard Taq DNA polymerase formulations
ThermoPrime is available in a range of ReddyMix formats and pack sizes to suit any workflow.

Format Options:

  • ReddyMix Enzyme Kits are the most basic format. Kits include the enzyme, ReddyMix PCR buffer, and 25mM MgCl2 solution, each in separate vials. dNTPs must be purchased separately

  • ReddyMix Complete PCR Kits include all the components contained in the ReddyMix Enzyme Kit, plus they have HPLC-purified dNTP mix. Complete PCR kits are a convenient option that provides all the components necessary for PCR

  • ReddyMix Master Mix formats consist of a single ReddyMix master buffer containing all the components needed for PCR. Master Mixes are the most convenient format and significantly reduce assay setup steps

  • Premixed MgCl2 Kits have MgCl2 premixed into the PCR buffer and will be at 1.5mM concentration in the final reaction

  • Red Taq/Red Hot Indicator Dye Kits include an inert red dye in the enzyme mix that helps verify enzyme addition during reaction setup

Compatible with:

Thermo-Prime Taq Kits and Master Mixes

Recommended for:

Amplifying fragments up to 5kb; PCR; RT-PCR; Sequencing; Genotyping; Library Construction; Cloning; Pathogen Detection; Single Cell PCR


The inert red dye migrates between bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol, at approximately 300 bp, depending on the agarose concentration.



ThermoPrime DNA Polymerase Enzyme Kit w/ReddyMix Buffer
4000 x 25µL Rxns
Store at -20°C for long-term storage. Stable at 4°C for up to four weeks. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Amplifying fragments up to 5kb; PCR; RT-PCR; Sequencing; Genotyping; Library Construction; Cloning; Pathogen Detection; Single Cell PCR

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