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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Thiophilic Adsorbent Resin and Kit

Preferentially bind and purify immunoglobulins from various sources including mouse, rat, rabbit, goat and human with this non-proteinaceous immunosorbent resin.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 20500

Code : PN

Additional Details : CAS Number : 68460-01-5 Weight : 1.81440kg

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Product Code. 11866784

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Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent is 6% beaded agarose that has been modified to contain simple sulfone-thioether groups. The result is an affinity resin that has a high binding capacity and a broad specificity for many species of immunoglobulins when incubated in 0.5M potassium sulfate. In effect, thiophilic adsorption is a resin-based variation of ammonium sulfate precipitation for quick immunoglobulin purification from crude serum samples. Unlike antibody fractionation by ammonium sulfate precipitation, purification with thiophilic adsorbent yields concentrated, essentially salt-free, highly purified immunoglobulins at near-neutral pH. Thus, this simple one-step method eliminates the need for additional treatment of the sample for storage or for subsequent conjugation reactions. The gentle binding and elution conditions ensure a high protein recovery with excellent preservation of antibody activity. The resin is available as both a standalone product and as a purification kit containing pre-packed columns and ready-to-use buffers.


  • High capacity – gently bind and purify approx. 20mg polyclonal antibody per milliliter of adsorbent resin

  • Broad antibody specificity – effective for most immunoglobulin classes and isotypes derived from many different animal species, including chicken IgY

  • Simple and fast – quickly fractionate and purify the immunoglobulin component of serum or ascites samples without subsequent dialysis or desalting steps

  • Gentle – binding condition is nondenaturing and the elution buffer yields concentrated, salt-free immunoglobulin at near neutral pH; provides excellent recovery of functional antibody


Kit contains four Thiophilic Adsorbent Columns (3mL each), ready-to-use binding and elution buffers, column regenerant and storage buffer, and column accessories

Recommended for:

Mild isolation of immunoglobulins from human serum; Rapid purification of mouse monoclonals from the culture media or ascites fluid; Selective removal of immunoglobulins from fetal calf serum - useful for cell culture in monoclonal antibody production; Rapid, straightforward procedure yielding essentially pure immunoglobulins from crude rabbit serum; Purification of IgY from chicken; Large-scale purification for biotechnology applications



Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent
Resin slurry
Thiophilic adsorbent ligand on 6% beaded agarose, slurried in Tris buffer with sodium azide
Binding 20mg human IgG/mL resin
Adsorbent Resin; 10mL