Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Glutathione Magnetic Beads

Affinity purify GST-tagged fusion proteins from cell lysates using glutathione (GSH) magnetic particles for manual or robotic magnetic separation devices.

Brand: Thermo Scientific™

Manufacturer Part Number: 88822

UNSPSC: 41106510

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Additional Details: CAS Number: 306936-03-8 Weight: 0.80000kg

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Description and Specification


Description Pierce Glutathione Magnetic Beads
Formulation Glutathione on paramagnetic iron oxide particles (1 to 10um dia.) slurried in 20% ethyl alcohol
Quantity 20mL
Sufficient For Binding 5 to 10mg GST per mL of beads
Support Type Magnetic Bead

Glutathione magnetic beads provide a simple, rapid and reliable means of purifying glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion proteins from crude cell lysates prepared from bacteria, yeast or mammalian cells. The protocol for GST-tagged protein purification is simple: the magnetic particles are added to a lysate containing the GST-fusion protein, and after incubation, non-bound proteins are removed by washing and the GST-fusion proteins are eluted using reduced glutathione. The high-performance iron oxide superparamagnetic particles are validated and optimized for use with high-throughput magnetic platforms, such as the Thermo Scientific KingFisher™ 96 and KingFisher Flex Instruments, but the beads also enable premium performance for simple benchtop applications using an appropriate magnetic stand.


  • High-performance beads – non-aggregating, silanized, iron oxide, paramagnetic microparticles provide exceptional uniformity for automated HTS applications

  • Stable affinity ligand – glutathione is covalently immobilized to particles, ensuring leach-resistance and clean purification products

  • High capacity – binding capacity is sufficient for both routine and demanding magnetic separation procedures

  • GST-tag affinity – standard glutathione-GST affinity purification chemistry in a magnetic format; bind in physiologic buffers and elute with 50mM reduced glutathione (prepared with Part No. 78259)

Properties of Glutathione Magnetic Beads:

  • Composition: iron oxide particles with reduced glutathione (GSH) covalently attached to the surface and encapsulated by crosslinked agarose
  • Magnetization: superparamagnetic (no magnetic memory)
  • Bead size: 1 to 10μm (mean diameter)
  • Concentration: 25% slurry (based on volume) in 20% ethanol
  • Binding capacity: 5 to 10mg of GST fusion protein per milliliter of settled beads (i.e., 4mL of 25% slurry)


Thermo Scientific KingFisher 96 or KingFisher Flex Instrument or other magnetic separator device

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