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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Cysteine-Reactive Tandem Mass Tag Reagents

Perform measurement of protein and peptide cysteine modifications (S-nitrosylation, oxidation and disulfide bridges) by multiplex quantitative mass spectrometry.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 90103

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Additional Details : Weight : 0.01000kg Transport : UN number : 3316 Chem class : 9 Pack group : III

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Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT™) Reagents enable concurrent identification and multiplexed quantitation of proteins in different samples using tandem mass spectrometry. The iodoTMT™ Reagents are sets of isobaric (mass and structure) isomers that are iodoacetyl-activated for covalent, irreversible labeling of sulfhydryl (-SH) groups. Similar to iodoacetamide, iodoTMT Reagents react specifically with reduced cysteines (Cys) in peptides and proteins. IodoTMT Reagents can be differentiated by mass spectrometry (MS), enabling quantitation of the relative abundance of cysteine modifications, such as S–nitrosylation, oxidation and disulfide bonds, in cultured cells grown or treated with different conditions.


  • Specific – only reacts with sulfhydryl groups (reduced, unmodified cysteine residues)

  • Irreversible – labeled proteins and peptides are not susceptible to reducing agents

  • Flexible – options for duplex isotopic (MS) or sixplex isobaric (MS/MS) quantitation

  • Versatile – can be used to study cysteine modifications (e.g. di-sulfide bridges, S-nitrosylation)


IodoTMT Products replace our previously offered CysTMT Reagents, which utilized a dithiopyridine reactive group to reversibly label cysteine sulfhydryls.



iodoTMTsixplex Isobaric Mass Tag Labeling Kit
iodoTMT6-130 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2mg, iodoTMT6-128 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2mg, DTT, No-Weigh Format, 8 x 7.7mg, Trypsin, 5 x 20µg, iodoTMT6-126 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2mg, iodoTMT6-129 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2mg, Trypsin Storage Solution, 250µL, iodoTMT6-131 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2mg, Bond-Breaker TCEP Solution, 0.5mL, Albumin (bovine), 2.5mg, HES Buffer, 15mL, iodoTMT6-127 Label Reagent, 5 x 0.2mg
5 complete sixplex (5 x 6-way) experiments
Multi-component kit with -126 to -131 iodoTMT6 label reagents
30 rxn kit