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Invitrogen™ Myeloperoxidase Mouse ELISA Kit

Sandwich ELISA Kit

Brand:  Invitrogen™ EMMPO

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Myeloperoxidase (MPO) is a hemoprotein that is abundantly expressed in neutrophils and secreted during their activation. Native Myeloperoxidase is represented as a covalently bound tetrameric complex of two glycosylated alpha chains with a molecular weight range of 59 - 64 kDa, and two unglycosylated beta chains (MW ∽14 kDa) with total MW ∽150 kDa and a theoretical pI of 9.2. Traditionally, myeloperoxidase was considered as a main target of anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibodies (ANCA), the serological markers for certain systemic vasculities such as periarteriitis nodosa, microscopic polyarteriitis and pulmonary eosinophilic granulomatosis (Churg-Strauss syndrome). Low to moderate anti-myeloperoxidase autoantibody levels are also reported in rheumatoid arthritis. Recently, it was shown that myeloperoxidase participates in the initiation and progression of cardiovascular disease. Myeloperoxidase possesses potent proinflammatory properties and may contribute directly to tissue injury. Now Myeloperoxidase is under consideration as one of the most promising cardiac markers. Myeloperoxidase is part of the host defense system of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and myeloperoxidase is responsible for microbicidal activity against a wide range of organisms. In the stimulated PMN (polymorphonuclear leukocytes), MPO catalyzes the production of hypohalous acids, primarily hypochlorous acid in physiologic situations, and other toxic intermediates that greatly enhance PMN microbicidal activity.


Colorimetric Microplate Reader
0.61 to 150 ng/mL
Lyophilized powder
100 μL per sample after dilution
This ELISA antibody pair detect mouse MPO. Other species not determined yet
96 Determinations
4 hr. 45 min.
Solid-phase sandwich ELISA
Other Research
RP23-449P23.5, mKIAA4033
0.6ng/mL to 150ng/mL
Myeloperoxidase ELISA Kit, 96 Assays, 1 Kit, Mouse Species, HRP Conjugate, Colorimetric Detection Method, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Designed for the Quantitation and Detection of Myeloperoxidase (MPO) in Samples Using a Microplate Reader
ELISA, Protein Assays, Protein Biology, Cancer Biology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Protein Detection, Protein Analysis
Pre-coated 96 well plate, Standard, Assay Diluent concentrate, Biotinylated Detection Antibody, SAV-HRP, Wash Buffer, Chromogen, Stop Solution, Adhesive Plate Covers, Anti-mouse Myeloperoxidase precoated 96-well strip plate, lyophilized recombinant mouse myeloperoxidase standard, 20X wash buffer, biotinylated antibody reagent, streptavidin-HRP reagent, TMB substrate, stop solution, contains 0.2M sulfuric acid, assay di
1 Kit
600 pg/mL
Plasma, 50 μL|Serum, 50 μL|Supernatant, 100 μL
2°C to 8°C
1 hr. 20 min.
Myeloperoxidase (MPO), myeloperoxidase (MPO), mouse MPO
Other Proteins
96 Tests