Thermo Scientific™ InsTAclone™ PCR Cloning Kit

Clone directly from a PCR reaction, taking only one hour from the completion of PCR to cell plating.

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For Research Use Only. All usage must comply with product instructions.

Description and Specification


Product Name InsTAclone PCR Cloning Kit
Product Type InsTAclone PCR Cloning Kit
Sufficient For 30 reactions
For Use With (Application) Sequencing of cloned insert; in vitro transcription of insert DNA; TA cloning.
No. of Reactions 30

The high quality ready-to-use TA cloning vector pTZ57R/T was prepared by linearizing the pTZ57R plasmid with Eco32I and tailing with single ddT. The 3'-ddT overhangs at both ends of the cloning site prevent recircularization of the vector during ligation, resulting in high cloning yields and low background. To increase the speed, convenience and efficiency of cloning experiment, the InsTAclone PCR Cloning Kit has been combined with the unique TransformAid Bacterial Transformation Kit—a set of solutions for preparation of chemically competent E. coli cells. According to the protocol, ligation and preparation of competent cells is performed in parallel. Therefore, it takes only one hour from the completion of PCR to cell plating. Our transformation protocol is often faster than the transformation of commercially available competent cells. The DNA insert can be readily excised from the versatile polylinker of pTZ57R/T, sequenced using standard M13/pUC primers or in vitro transcribed with T7 RNA polymerase.
  • Fast cloning—approximately one hour from PCR completion to cell plating
  • High efficiency—more than 90% of the recombinant clones contain the target DNA
  • One-step procedure—additional modifications of PCR fragment are not required
  • Compatibility—compatible with Taq, Tth, Tfl and other non-proofreading DNA polymerases, as well as with Long PCR Enzyme Mix
  • Convenience of pTZ57R/T cloning vector:

  • —ready-to-use: linearized with Eco32I and 3'-ddT tailed,

  • —MCS designed for easy mapping and manipulation of the cloned insert,

  • —blue/white screening,

  • —M13/pUC primer sites for sequencing or colony PCR screening,

  • —T7 promoter for in vitro transcription of the insert

Recommended for:

Sequencing of cloned insert; in vitro transcription of insert DNA; TA cloning.


E.coli strains are not included. Lyophilized bacterial strains GM2163 (†M0099) and JM107 (†M0109) can be provided free of charge upon request, with any purchase. Suitable for all common laboratory E.coli strains.