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Thermo Scientific™ Biotin Chromogenic Detection Kit

Perform chromogenic detection of biotinylated nucleic acid probes with the ThermoScientific™ Biotin Chromogenic Detection Kit.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ K0661

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The kit is optimized to reproducibly provide high sensitivity with a low background in applications such as Southern, Northern, dot and slot blotting, as well as screening of viral plaques and bacterial colonies. Biotinylation of DNA/RNA probes is widely used as a safe and convenient alternative to radioactive labeling. Biotin can be incorporated into nucleic acids using various enzymatic or non-enzymatic methods including the Biotin DecaLabel DNA Labeling Kit. Biotinylated probes are detected with streptavidin coupled to alkaline phosphatase (AP). Streptavidin-AP conjugates bind specifically and irreversibly to the biotin-labeled probes. The probes then are visualized using a chromogenic substrate for alkaline phosphatase BCIP/NBT, which produces a blue-purple precipitate. Therefore, visualization does not require X-ray film or other specific equipment (Fig. 1). The Biotin Chromogenic Detection Kit includes Blocking reagent and Blocking/Washing buffers which are specifically designed to minimize background, which is often associated with biotin detection in conventional systems.The positively charged SensiBlot Plus Nylon Membrane is a recommended component of this detection system to ensure the highest sensitivity of detection and the lowest background.
  • High sensitivity of detection – 0.03pg of homologous DNA in dot blot hybridization with biotin-labeled probe
  • Low background due to optimized washing and blocking procedures
  • Non-radioactive detection visualization does not require X-ray film or other specific equipment
  • Fast and convenient – ready-to-use components

Recommended for:

Southern, Northern, dot/slot blots, plaque or colony screening.



Southern, Northern, dot/slot blots, plaque or colony screening.
Streptavidin-AP Conjugate;BCIP/NBT Solution;Blocking Reagent;10X Blocking/Washing Buffer;10X Detection Buffer;Detailed Protocol