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Thermo Scientific™ Easy-Titer™ Rabbit IgG Assay Kit

Determine antibody concentration in serum and culture supernatant with kits specific for mouse, rabbit, or human IgG, and human IgM.

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These kits include antibody-sensitized microspheres to measure the specific concentration of mouse, rabbit and human antibodies by an easy and rapid micro-agglutination technique using standard microplates and UV-Vis plate reader (spectrophotometer). Each kit is specific for a particular species and class of immunoglobulin and, unlike total protein assays, can specifically measure the concentration of target antibody in samples (e.g., serum, plasma, culture supernatant) that contain other proteins. The kits are extremely sensitive, requiring very small sample volumes. Antibody concentration is determined from the assay response (absorbance) by comparison to a standard curve prepared using dilutions of a known antibody sample (sold separately).


  • Kits for five popular targets – choose a kit specific for a particular species and class of immunoglobulin; no cross-reaction with other species and classes of the target antibody

  • Antibody-based specificity – measure concentration of target antibody in a sample, not just total protein; no need to purify antibody to assess its concentration

  • Faster and easier than ELISA – three-component, homogenous assay; 10 minutes total incubation time

  • No special equipment needed – uses standard vortex mixer, pipetter, 96-well microplate, plate shaker and reader (measure absorbance at 340nm or 400nm)

  • Sensitive – assay range (standard curve) 8 to 500ng/mL; requires starting sample of at least 300ng/mL

  • Reproducible – coefficient of variation less than 5%; error depends on dilution and pipetting technique

  • Antibody standards sold separately – use any antibody standard with proper target identity and known concentration (greater than 10μg/mL)

Easy-Titer Antibody Assays are faster and easier than ELISA:

1. Prepare standards (5 to 500ng/mL) by diluting purified antibody in Kit Dilution Buffer

2. Prepare samples by diluting at least 20-fold in Dilution Buffer to within assay range (8 to 500ng/mL).

3. Vortex vial of microsphere beads to create homogeneous suspension.

4. Pipette 20μL of bead suspension and 20μL of each sample and standard into 96-well microplate wells.

5. Incubate microplate for 5 minutes with vigorous mixing.

6. Add 100μL of Kit Blocking Reagent.

7. Incubate microplate for 5 minutes with vigorous mixing.

8. Measure absorbance on standard plate reader (340nm or 405nm).

9. Plot standard curve and interpolate samples to determine concentration.


Each kit contains target-specific IgG sensitized microspheres, dilution buffer and blocking buffer



Protein Quantitation Assay, Isotyping Assay, Immunoassay
Easy-Titer Rabbit IgG Assay Kit
Sufficient For: 96 total tests (including 9 standards per use)
• Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG Sensitized Beads, 2mL
• Easy-Titer Dilution Buffer, 30 mL
• Easy-Titer Blocking Buffer, 15 mL

Store at 4°C (do not freeze).
Spectrophotometer, Microplate Reader
Solution-based Detection, Absorbance