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Thermo Scientific™ CryoStar NX50 Cryostat

Get optimal sectioning quality and unmatched ergonomics and safety with the Thermo Scientific™ CryoStar™ NX50, designed to accommodate the needs of the routine clinical laboratory.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 957140

Code : 03

Additional Details : Weight : 200.00000kg

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The CryoStar NX50 Cryostat follows in the footsteps of the popular CryoStar NX70 Cryostat by offering standard features well suited to the routine clinical histology laboratory.

The NX50 and NX70 utilize a rapid response cooling system that actively cools all areas of the cryochamber that come in contact with the sample, including the specimen clamp, cryobar and blade. The result is precise temperature control and half the energy consumption of other routine cryostats. Low energy LED lighting with user-adjustable intensity is also included.

Ergonomic/Safety features

  • Touch screen interface and intuitive software allows the user to view and adjust the following parameters: temperature, section thickness, remaining blade holder travel, sectioning and trimming thickness and all other instrument settings
  • Standby mode for energy savings and noise reduction
  • “Green instrument” 0.30kW/hr measured during a regular day running mode (7.2kW/day)
  • Specimen retraction
  • Optional Height adjustment design allows the user to work in either a standing or sitting position
  • Body contoured design positions the user closer to the chamber and the microtome
  • Optional on-demand Cold D disinfection system
  • Optional Vacutome system collects and contains sectioning waste within a filter bag
  • Manual handwheel lock secures the upper position of specimen head

Cryochamber features

  • 42L large open Stainless-steel cryochamber
  • Cryobar holds 18 freezing stations and one fast freezing station
  • Constantly cooled chamber at a temperature of -25°C+/-2°C at ambient temperature of +20°C
  • Constantly cooled knife holder at a temperature of -27°C to -20°C +/-2°C at 20°C to 30°C ambient
  • Active Object head cooling -43°C+/-2°C at 20°C ambient. The object head temperature can be user defined
  • Integrated Peltier fast-freezing device -57°C +/-3°C at 20°C ambient with separate cooling element (single position)
  • Sliding glass door with integrated LED lighting
  • Choice of immediate or scheduled defrost cycle
  • Color coded specimen chucks help to identify specimens

Microtome features

  • Rapid response temperature-controlled object head
  • Specimen head moves in vertical orientation only, reducing vibration
  • Specimen orientation on orbital 80 XY axis and specimen rotation on Z axis
  • Section thickness from 0.5 to 500μm
  • Vertical specimen stroke of 64mm
  • Blade carrier horizontal feed range of 48mm
  • Optional vacutome system for stretching cryo-sections when cutting
  • Highly stable knife holder delivers consistent section thickness
  • Microtome with precise stepping motor advance
  • Automated retraction feature which can be switched on or off
  • Light-touch handwheel minimizes the risk of repetitive motion injury (repetitive strain)
  • Maintenance-free cross-roller bearings
  • Blade carrier for low-profile disposable blades
  • Blade carrier for high-profile disposable blades
  • C-knife carrier
  • Magnetic blade transfer tool supports safe removal of the blade from the blade holder reducing risk of potential injury
  • Protective blade guard act as a barrier between the operator and the blade
  • Removable section waste tray

Standard Model Includes

  • Rapid Response object head temperature control, form-fitting design and color, touch screen user interface for control of instrument functions
  • 30mm Specimen chuck -Red, 30mm Specimen chuck - Green, 30mm Specimen chuck - Blue, 30mm Specimen chuck - Gold, Allen key - 5mm, Allen key - 6mm, Waste tray, Brush shelf, Brush -coarse f/cleaning, Magnetic brush - small beveled, Magnetic brush - goat's hair, Blade handling tool, Power cord, USB stick, Adjusting pin, Operator guide, Anti-roll plate
Vacutome Option Includes
  • Additional Brush f/cleaning vacuum hose, Coarse filter f/use with vacutome, Hose extension w/nozzle - vacutome, Nozzle - sectioning, Filter bag 25 pcs
Cold Disinfection Model Includes
  • Additional measuring cup,Plastic funnel

Required Accessories: Low- or High-profile blade holder or 16cm steel knife carrier must be designated at time of ordering



220 to 240V 50/60Hz
0.5 to 100μm
5 to 500μm
Y axis 8° adjustable for increased stability; Z axis adjustable 360°
Manually adjusted to specimen size
-27° to -20°±2°C (-16.6° to -4°F) at +20° to +30°C (+68° to +86°F) room temp.
Disposable blade carrier 8° to 16°
0.5 to 5μm in 0.5μm steps; 5 to 10μm in 1μm steps; 10 to 20μm in 2μm steps; 20 to 50μm in 5μm steps; 50 to 100μm in 10μm steps
5 to 30μm in 5μm steps; 30 to 100μm in 10μm steps; 100 to 200μm in 20μm steps; 200 to 500μm in 50μm steps
43±2°C (-45±35.6°F) at +20/+58°F ambient
-57°C ±3°C (-70.6°F +35.6° to -26.6°F) at +20°C/+58°F ambient
Motorized (on/off)
Programmed / Immediate
Cold D
82 to 112cm
220 to 240V
30, 40mm (additional special sizes are available)
Stepper motor controlled through simple touch screen display