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Erlab™ Captair 822B Smart Under Bench

Erlab™ Captair 822B Smart Under Bench provides a steady flow of air through the cabinet, capturing hazardous vapors in the filters, and returns clean air back to the room.

Brand:  Erlab™ B03IA03B/AS

Additional Details : Weight : 50.00000kg

Product Code. 15594974

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  • A simple light pattern will indicate if: air flow is compromised, fan failure, filter breakthrough
  • App gives you remote control to monitor the hood, change the settings, and delivers safety alerts immediately to your mobile, tablet or PC device
  • Configurable filtering system above the enclosure can be adapted to filter gases, solvents, powders and particulates keeping the user and the lab protected by safely and efficiently recirculating air within the room and releasing purified air back into the room free of any toxic hazardous vapors or odors
  • New sensors are added for detection of solvents or acids or formaldehyde
  • New electronic anemometer monitors face velocity
  • ESP Program: Usage certification delivered with each unit after approval of handlings or process by the manufacturer
  • No ducting to the building ventilation system required: Eliminates the energy consumption linked to the air renewal (air supply/extraction, filtration, dehumidification, air conditioning)
  • No direct emission of pollutants into the atmosphere
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Ergonomic design
  • Completely mobile and easy to relocate within your lab or to a new building


AFNOR NFX 15 211/ANSI Z9.5-2012 filtration efficiency standard (classes 1 and 2)
Filter AS for organic vapors
Under Bench Storage
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