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Invitrogen™ Ambion™ In Vivo Negative Control #1 siRNA

Ambion™ In Vivo Negative Control #1 siRNA

Brand:  Invitrogen™ 4457289

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Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNA Controls
  • Validated siRNA controls for optimizing siRNA experiments targeting coding and noncoding transcripts
  • Positive Control siRNAs functionally tested in several common cell lines
  • Negative Controls functionally proven to have minimal effects on cell proliferation and viability
  • Include Silencer™ Select modifications for enhanced specificity or Invitrogen™ In Vivo modifications for increased stability
  • For use in human, mouse, and rat cells

    What are Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNAs?
    Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNAs are designed using the proven Silencer™ Select algorithm and incorporate chemical modifications for superior serum stability with in vivo delivery. The added serum stability does not compromise the performance of the siRNAs. Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNAs have been shown to be non-toxic in vivo (mouse) and non-immunogenic (cell-based assays). In cell-based assays, Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNAs exhibit equivalent or better potency than Silencer™ Select siRNAs. The result is better confidence in your in vivo RNAi experiments, better knockdown when paired with an efficient delivery solution, and the assurance of limited non-specific effects.

    Negative Control siRNAs
    Negative control siRNAs—siRNAs with sequences that do not target any gene product—are essential for determining the effects of siRNA delivery and for providing a baseline to compare siRNA-treated samples. Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNAs and have no significant sequence similarity to mouse, rat, or human gene sequences. These negative control siRNAs have been tested by microarray analysis and shown to have minimal effects on gene expression. In addition, these negative control siRNA has been tested in multi-parametric cell-based assays and are proven to have no significant effect on cell proliferation, viability, or morphology in the cell lines tested.

    Quality Control
    Invitrogen™ synthesizes and purifies each Invitrogen™ In Vivo siRNA in state-of-the-art facilities to meet the highest quality standards. As part of our rigorous quality control procedures, each RNA oligonucleotide is analyzed by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, and analytical HPLC is used to monitor purity. To provide the utmost in quality, we also assess each annealed siRNA by gel electrophoresis to confirm that the strands anneal properly. The result is premium-quality siRNA that is purified and ready to use.

    In Vivo Ready Controls
    Our In Vivo Ready Control siRNAs are subjected to that extra level of purification and testing required for the introduction of siRNAs into animals. After HPLC purification and annealing, each siRNA is further purified utilizing a process that removes excess salt via a semi-permeable membrane. The result is highly pure siRNA with minimal salt content, suitable for in vivo applications. In vivo siRNAs are then sterile filtered, and tested for the presence of endotoxin. At concentrations of 50μM in presence of deionized water, in vivo Ready siRNAs contain <5.0 mM Na+, <0.06 mM K+, and <0.02 mM Mg2+.
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    Room Temperature
    RNAi, Transfection
    In Vivo, HPLC
    Negative Control

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.