4-Thiouridine, 98+% Alfa Aesar™

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Additional Details: CAS Number: 13957-31-8 Weight: 0.00010kg

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Description and Specification

Chemical Identifiers

Chemical Name or Material 4-Thiouridine
CAS 13957-31-8
Molecular Formula C9H12N2O5S
Formula Weight 260.27
MDL Number MFCD00006538


Formula Weight 260.27
Color Pale Yellow
MDL Number MFCD00006538
Physical Form Crystalline
Chemical Name or Material 4-Thiouridine
Assay ≥98%
Quantity 100mg
CAS 13957-31-8
Recommended Storage −30° to −10°C
Molecular Formula C9H12N2O5S

4-Thiouridine is a constituent of several transfer RNA′s. 4-Thiouridine is a thionucleobase used as an antisense agent. Widely used for RNA analysis including RNA-RNA cross coupling and RNA labelling. 4-Thiouridine is a photoreactive (crosslinking) uridine analogue that upon phosphorylation to 4-thioUTP may be incorporated into RNA structures. 4-Thiouridine may be used to study the specificity and kinetics of uridine-cytidine kinases. 4-Thio Uridine is typically used to modify oligos slated for RNA, or RNA-protein, structural studies. A 4-thio-rU modified RNA pentamer was used to study the effect of this modification on codon-anticodon interaction when it is in the wobble position of tRNA.

Soluble in water (20 mg/ml), and methanol (10 mg/ml).

Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Store away from strong oxidizing agents, heat.


Technical documents

Safety and Handling

−30° to −10°C