General Purpose Swabs and Applicators

S Murray™ Wooden Tongue depressor

Use this tongue depressor for a variety of applications. S Murray™ Wooden Tongue Depressors are suitable for theatre, ward, veterinary, dental and chiropody use. X100 WOODEN TONGUE DEPRESSERS (PACK OF 100)

S Murray™ Applicator Wood

Use these tongue depressors for a variety of laboratory applications. S Murray™ Wooden Applicators are 150mm long. X864 APPLICATORS,WOODEN 150MM

Non-sterile Applicators

Use Non-sterile Applicators to provide patient care using a soft and gentle application for excellent wound release with no snagging on sutures or wound debris. X100 Swab J & J non-sterile 8-plyrayon & polyester

GE Healthcare Whatman™ OmniSwab™

Designed specifically for buccal cell and saliva collection. Whatman™ Omni Swabs are manufactured with an absorbent material that increases buccal cell concentrations to give high quality results. X100 OMNI SWAB STERILE (PACK OF 100)