Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System Accessory, Receiving Bottle

For use with Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System 4L polypropylene receiving bottle

Fisherbrand™ Santoprene Pump Tubing

15M Tubing fisherbrand peristaltic pump santoprene 6.4mm bore, 1.6mm wall

Fisherbrand™ Cartridge for MCP3000 Series Pumps

Provides fast tubing changes. Fisherbrand™ Cartridge for MCP3000 Series Pumps eliminate hardware in other multi-channel designs. Small cassette for FH100M 8/3 and, 8/4

Welch™ MP 101 Z Diaphragm Pump

VACUUM PUMP ILMVAC MP101ZDIAPHRAGM DRY RUNNINGAluminium/Viton Supplied complete and ready for

Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System Accessory, Single-channel Adapter

For use with Vacuum Aspiration Advantage System Single channel plastic adapter for disposal tips with ejector

Welch™ Wob-L™ Dry Vacuum Pump

Wob-L dry vacuum / pressure pump with vacuum &pressure regulator & gauges

Welch™ MP 1201 E Vacuum Pump


Cole Parmer™ Tee connecting union for I/P 89 KYNAR (PVDF) 15.9mm hose barb fitting Masterflex

X10 TEE CONNECTING UNION FOR I/P 89 KYNAR (PVDF)15.9mm hose barb fitting (pack of 10)

Cole Parmer™ Single-Syringe Infusion Pump

Use these pumps for low-flow, low-pressure applications where precision is needed. Cole-Parmer™ Single-Syringe Infusion Pumps feature microprocessor motor control and precision gearing. Syringe pump infusion single syringe 10?L to 60mL230V 50/60Hz 230mm(w) x 150mm(d) x 140mm(h)

Fisherbrand™ DH120 Dispensing Handle for GP1000 Peristaltic Pump

Use this dispensing handle with the GP1000 Peristaltic Pump. Fisherbrand DH120 Dispensing Handles for GP1000 Peristaltic Pumps feature an ergonomic design. DH120 Dispensing Handle (GP1000)

Fisherbrand™ AP101 Apiezon Grease

50 GR Apiezon grease for general use in rotaryvane pumps 50g AP101

Cole Parmer™ Reducing straight union for I/P 89 x 82 KYNAR (PVDF) 15.9 x 12.7mm hose barb fitting Masterflex

X10 REDUCING STRAIGHT UNION FOR I/P 89 X 82 KYNAR(PVDF) 15.9 x 12.7mm hose barb fitting (pack of

Welch Ilmvac™ Vacuum pump P 4 E

Vacuum pump Welch-Ilmvac P 4 E rotary vane 405mmx 150mm x 215mm (w x d x h) pumping speed 77/92L/m

Cole Parmer™ Ceramic/PVDF/Ceramic Series Q Valveless Piston Pump Head

Pump head valveless piston 1.92 to 192.0mL/min at6 to 600rpm 1/4inch piston O.D. Masterflex, 1/Cs,

Welch™ MPC 1201 E Vacuum Pump


Fisherbrand™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Designed for laboratory applications requiring deep vacuum. Fisherbrand™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is a two-stage direct driven rotary vane pumps that provide a high water vapor tolerance. Rotary vane vacuum pump Fisherbrand double stageultimate vacuum without gas ballast 1x10-2 mbar

Cole Parmer™ Kynar Cylinder Piston Pump Heads

Pump head valveless piston 1.92 to 192.0mL/min at6 to 600rpm 1/4inch piston O.D. Masterflex, 1/Cs,

Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump Gasket Kit

Gasket kit, spare M8/M12C, 1/Cs, MA: FB70135

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Standard Pump Tubing

Pompslang Tygon purple/purple R3607 (12 Stck.)

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Pump Tubing

15M Tubing fisherbrand peristaltic pump silicone 6.4mm bore, 1.6mm wall

Welch™ MPC 301 Zp, ATEX Cat.2 Diaphragm Pump

PUMP VACUUM 8MBAR EXPLOSION PROOF ATEX 95 II 2GC IIB T4X approved 400V 50Hz 240mm x 300mm x

Masterflex™ Cigarette lighter adapter 7.6 m Masterflex

Cigarette lighter adapter Masterflex 7.6 m

General-Purpose BioPharm Silicone Tubing for FH100 and FH100X Pumps

General-Purpose BioPharm Silicone Tubing is suitable for most everyday applications where pressure, accuracy, and long-term pump life are not critical to the process. 7,5M BIOPHARMA SILICONE GP TUBING ID 1,6MM

Welch Ilmvac™ Vacuum pump P 6 E

Vacuum pump Welch-Ilmvac P 6 Erotary vane 405mm x

Cole Parmer™ NPT Male Threaded Adapters, PVDF

Combine these simple, economical PVDF male threaded adaptors with flexible tubing for use in your low-pressure applications (generally less than 30 psi). NPT Male Threaded Adapters slide into soft tubing. Tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting for low-pressure installations. X5 ADAPTER PVDF 1'MNPT X 25,4MM

Welch™ MPC 090 E Vacuum Pump

Use this vacuum pump for sample preparation in life sciences, environmental monitoring, chemistry and analytical processes. Welch™ MPC 090 E Vacuum Pumps feature reliable diaphragm technology, ensuring quiet operation and long service life. CHEMICAL RESIST.PUMP 15L/MIN 100MB

Masterflex™ Coupling for L/S 17, 24 and I/P 26 tubing I.D. 1/4inch Masterflex

Coupling for L/S 17, 24 and I/P 26 tubing I.D.1/4inch Masterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Welch Ilmvac™ Pump 2028 Vacuum Oil Free Fully Programmable

Self cleaning dry vacuum pump with digitalcontroller