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R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human IL-9 R (NP_002177)

IL9R is expressed in T cells, neutrophils, mast cells, and macrophages. It may be associated with the development of asthma. Alternatively splices transcripts encoding different proteins have been described 10UG hIL-9 R VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Mouse FATP6 (NP_001074541)

Fatty Acid Transport Protein 6 10UG mFATP6 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris Bioscience™ Kisspeptin 10 (dog)

Endogenous ligand for canine kisspeptin receptor 1MG Kisspeptin 10 (dog)

Tocris Bioscience™ Aliskiren hemifumarate

Potent renin inhibitor; antihypertensive 50MG Aliskiren hemifumarate

Tocris Bioscience™ TC-S 7004

Potent and selective DYRK1A/B inhibitor 50MG TC-S 7004; N-¢2-Chloro-5-¢¢¢(3-chlorophenyl)methyl!amino!carbonyl!phenyl!-7,8-dihydro-2-methoxy

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human Siglec-16 (A6NMB1)

Although Siglec functions continue to be defined, most have intracellular immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motifs (ITIM), implicating them in the suppression of immunoreceptor signaling. They may also participate in cell/cell interactions or act as receptors for the entry of pathogens. 10UG hSiglec-16 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Mouse B7-H2 (NP_056605)

B7-H2 may play an important role in mediating local tissue responses to inflammatory conditions 10UG mB7-H2 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris Bioscience™ HNGF6A

Humanin analog; increases insulin sensitivity 1MG HNGF6A

Tocris Bioscience™ TY 52156

S1P3 receptor antagonist 10MG TY 52156; N-(4-Chlorophenyl)-3,3-dimethyl-2-oxobutanimidic 2-(4-chlorophenyl) hydrazide

R&D Systems™ Human Plexin A3 (NP_059984) VersaClone cDNA

Sex chromosome X transmembrane protein of HGF receptor family 3 10UG hPlexin A3 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris Bioscience™ JTV 519 fumarate

Ryanodine receptor (RyR) inhibitor 50MG JTV 519 fumarate; 1-(2,3-Dihydro-7-methoxy-1,4-benzothiazepin-4(5H)-yl)-3-¢4-(phenylmethyl)-1-p

R&D Systems™ Human VSIG10 (NP_061959) VersaClone cDNA

V-Set and Immunoglobulin Domain Containing 10 10UG hVSIG10 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ Human ECSCR (NP_001071161) VersaClone cDNA

Endothelial Cell Surface Expressed Chemotaxis and Apoptosis Regulator 10UG hECSCR VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human ABCB5 (NP_001157413)

ABC transporters and MDR will likely be important in the therapeutic optimization for cancer patients 10UG hABCB5 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris Bioscience™ Fluoxetine - d5 hydrochloride

Deuterated fluoxetine (Cat. No. 0927) 1MG Fluoxetine - d5 hydrochloride

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human BMPR-II (NP_001195)

Mutations in BMPR2 have been associated with primary pulmonary hypertension, both familial and fenfluramine-associated, and with pulmonary venoocclusive disease 10UG hBMPR-II VersaClone cDNA

Tocris Bioscience™ [Arg14,Lys15]-Nociceptin

Highly potent and selective NOP agonist ¢ARG14,LYS15!NOCICEPTIN, 1 MG

R&D Systems™ Mouse M-CSF (NP_031804) VersaClone cDNA

Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor 10UG mM-CSF VersaClone cDNA

BD Caspase-3

Play key role in normal apoptosis during development induced by the death receptors Hu Active Caspase-3 Enzyme Pure 5ug

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Mouse BMPR-IA/ALK-3 (NP_033888)

BMPR1A is one of seven known type I serine/threonine kinases that are required for the signal transduction of TGF-β family cytokines 10UG mBMPR-IA/ALK-3 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ Human IL-13 R alpha 1 (NP_001551) VersaClone cDNA

Interleukin 13 Receptor alpha 1 10UG hIL-13 Ra1 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris Bioscience™ AC 186

Potent and selective ERβ agonist; neuroprotective 10MG AC 186; 4-¢4,4-Difluoro-1-(2-fluorophenyl)cyclohexyl!phenol

Invitrogen™ Dynabeads™ Protein A and Protein G Immunoprecipitation Kit

Provides faster and easier solution for immunoprecipitation experiments than sepharose or agarose IMMUNOPRECIPITATION KIT - DYNAThis kit provides a faster and easier solution

R&D Systems™ Human IL-21 R (NP_068570) VersaClone cDNA

IL-21 receptor, Novel interleukin receptor, CD360 antigen 10UG hIL-21 R VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human CD1b (NP_001755)

The CD1 family members are thought to differ in their cellular localization and specificity for particular lipid ligands 10UG hCD1b VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human G-CSF R/CD114 (NP_000751)

Mutations in G-CSFR are a cause of Kostmann syndrome, also known as severe congenital neutropenia 10UG hG-CSF R/CD114 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human CD14 (NP_000582)

The amino acid sequence of mature human CD14 is approximately 67% and 64% identical to the mouse and rat proteins, respectively 10UG hCD14 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human Flt-3/Flk-2 (NP_004110)

Mouse Flt-3 shares 85% amino acid sequence identity with human Flt-3. Flt-3 expression has been detected in various tissues, including placenta, gonads, and tissues of nervous and hematopoietic origin 10UG hFlt-3/Flk-2 VersaClone cDNA