Gases and Gas Accessories

Gas Arc™ Single Stage Gas Regulator

Regulators to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 2503 Gas regulator Gas Arc Lab-Master (grade 5.0 purity

Restek™ Baseplates

Base plates fit all stand alone Super Clean gas filters offered. Filter base plate Restek single position brass

Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene Manifolds


R&L Enterprises™ Wall Mounting Gas Cylinder Support

Holds cylinders firmly and securely in a vertical position in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Wall Mounting Gas Cylinder Supports are comprised of a curved nylon-coated steel bracket. Gas cylinder support wall fixing for cylinders upto 230mm diameter

Restek™ High-Capacity Oxygen and Moisture Traps

Reduce oxygen or water to less than 15ppb Moisture trap Restek high capacity 1/4 inch fittin

Restek™ VICI™ Mat/Sen™ Gas-Specific Purifier Modules

Replaces separate oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbon traps with one multiple-bed purifier, specific for purifying helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, or air Purifier module Restek nitrogen 1/8 inch

UVP Ultra Violet Product SOG-1 Stable Ozone Generators

GENERATOR UVP SOG-1 OZONE PRODUCTION 0.8PPM AT0.5L/min lighted length 5.38mm 220-240V50-60Hz

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Natural Gas Regulator


Parker domnick hunter™ Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Generators for GC and GC/MS

Ultra-high purity, low maintenance generators supply hydrogen for GC and GC/MS carrier gas applications, plus all commonly used combustion detectors used routinely in GC MICRODRY H2 PRODUCER 160ML/MIN

Restek™ Regulators for use with Scott Transportable Gases

For use with 14L and 48L Scott/Air Liquide Transportable Gases Regulator Restek CGA 165 inlet connection outlet

Domnick Hunter™ Hydrogen Gas Generator


Hamilton™ Septas

X50 LB Septa 17mmX50 17mm LB Septa

BioTek™ Gas Controllers for CO2 and O2 Control

Allows regulation of environment for microplate based live cell assays GAS CONTROLLER FOR CO2 AND O2 CONTROL

Restek™ Replacement Chemical Traps for Agilent™ Gas Chromatographs

Easy to install replacement chemical traps attach to the same fittings as original Agilent GC equipment Replacement trap Restek 2 traps, 4 O-rings for

Parker domnick hunter™ Hydrogen Generators

Research-grade hydrogen gas on demand Hydrogen generator 60H 90-264V 47-63Hz 240W 500cc/

CK Gas Products™ Iso-Butane Gas, 99.5% Purity

170 GR Iso-Butane 2.5 (99.5%) lecture bottle 170g

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Propane Regulator

Propane regulator (2 stage adjustable pressure)

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Butane Regulator

Butane regulator (2 stage adjustable pressure)

CK Gas Products™ Iso-Butene Gas, 99% Purity

170 GR Iso-Butene 2.0 (99%) lecture bottle 170g

Gas Arc™ Brass Gas Regulator

gas regulator male L/H left hand brass 1/4 NPT

Restek™ Capillary-Grade Hydrocarbon Traps

Reduce organics to 0.1ppm where input does not exceed 100ppm Hydrocarbon trap Restek capillary grade 1/8 inch

Domnick Hunter™ Zero air generator 20.0L/min Domnick Hunter

Generator UHP-200ZA zero air without compressor

CK Gas Products™ Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas

227 GR Sulphur Hexafluoride 3.0 (99.9%) lecturebottle 227g

Gas Arc™ 5.0 Purity Gas Regulator

High purity CO2 gas regulator with tamper proof, high flow safety relief valve Gas regulator Gas Arc Lab-Master (grade 5.0 purity

Restek™ CGA 170 Mini-Regulator for Natural Gas and Refinery Gas Standards

For natural gas and refinery gas standards Mini regulator Restek for natural and refinery

J Young™ Manifold


Parker domnick hunter™ Nylon Deionizer Bags for Hydrogen Gas Generators

Bead color change from gold to green-gray indicates the need for a new bag X2 Deioniser bags (pack of 2) (pack of 2)