AcroSeal Packaged Products

Solvents and Reagents Drier for Longer Solvents and Reagents Drier for Longer

The AcroSeal system: performance, convenience, safety

Chemical reactions often involve the use of air and moisture-sensitive solvents, pyrophoric and hazardous reagents. Our AcroSealâ„¢ packaging is an industry-leading packaging solution for safe handling of these types of materials which are used in drug discovery, agrochemical research, flavours and fragrances, diagnostics, NMR analysis and other applications.

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AcroSeal packaged products include:

  • Extra-dry solvents
  • Deuterated solvents
  • Solvents for molecular biology
  • Organometallics
  • Reagents in solution

While performing synthetic organic chemistry, there is a risk of exposing many solvents and reagents to air and moisture. This will inhibit their ability to perform properly and can cause some or all of the following issues:

  • A failed synthesis
  • Poor yield
  • Greater number of byproducts/impurities
  • More challenging purification

AcroSeal Packaging Provides:


The specially designed multi-layer septum ensures a better re-seal, thus minimising atmospheric exposure and protecting the quality of your air and moisture-sensitive solvents and reagents.


A wide range of pre-prepared reagents in solution are available, reducing the risks and saving the time and effort of making your own.


Our AcroSeal cap system ensures you can transfer the contents of the bottle safely into your reaction vessel, minimising your exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals.

Our AcroSeal packaging solution is innovative and simple as we endeavour to:

  • Pack the product when it is as dry as possible
  • Make it easy to keep it dry when transferring from the packaging into your own dry system
  • Ensure products stay dry between repeated use

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How to use AcroSeal packaging

To get the best results using AcroSeal packaging, we recommend the following process:

  1. Puncture the septum
  2. Withdraw the required amount
  3. Replace the nitrogen blanket
  4. Store upright to prevent prolonged product contact with the seal

To get the best results from the septum, we recommend you use 18 to 21 gauge needles and puncture in a clockface pattern to avoid piercing the septum in the same place.

If you require a large amount of solvent, remove the whole cap under an inert atmosphere and decant the desired amount of product from the bottle.

For further tips on how to use AcroSeal packaged products, view our demonstration videos and literature resources.