Techne™ Tray Column Plus Gas Distributor

Designed for use with Techne™ Sample Concentrators. GAS CHAMBER AND STAND ONLY

Techne™ DB100/2 Digital Dri-Block™ Heater

Designed for precise heating of test-tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes and microtitre plates. Techne™ DB100/2 Digital Dri-Block™ Heaters are ideal for general heating and incubating applications as well as sensitive analytical procedures suited to microbiology and clinical laboratories. DRI-BLOCK HEATER. AMBIENT + 5°C TO 100°C,for 2 blocks (not included)

Techne™ Prime Pro 48 Real-time qPCR System

A new, high specification real time thermal cycler that features highest thermal block uniformity and fastest run time of any block-based qPCR system on the market. Accommodates a unique 48-well polypropylene PCR plate utilizing the same geometry as standard 384-well plates, but only 1/8 of the size. Prime Pro 48 Real Time PCR System

Techne™ Microwell plate seal, thermal cycler Prime Pro 48, pack of 50

Designed for use with Techne™ Prime Pro 48 Real-time qPCR machine. Prime Pro 48 plate seals, pk/50

Techne™ Replacement Gas Chamber Sealing Pad

Replacement Gas Chamber Sealing Pad keeps the gas chamber within your Techne™ sample concentrator operating properly and efficiently. SEALING PAD FOR DB-3 DRI-BLOCK

Techne™ Stainless Steel Needle

Designed for use with Techne™ Sample Concentrators. Techne™ Stainless Steel Needles are ideal for applications such as sample preparation, drug screening, hormone assays, chromatographic analysis and scintillation counting. X100 76MM NEEDLE

Techne™ 96-Well Sample Concentrator

Quickly concentrate multiple samples in a block at once Sample concentrator TECHNE light and compact

Techne™ 5PrimeG Gradient Thermal Cycler

Allows annealing temperatures to be optimised in one experiment with a wide linear gradient range of 19 to 29°C. Techne™ 5PrimeG Gradient Enabled Thermal Cycler delivers high performance, high throughput and maximum flexibility. Thermal cycler gradient 5PrimeG/384 384well

Techne™ FC-200 Model Flow Cooler

Designed for use when temperatures down to -35°C are required FLOW COOLER,TECHNE,-20 C

Techne™ TU-20HT Advanced High-Temperature Digital Immersion Circulator; 230 V

Accurately control liquid bath temperature TU-20HT,High Temp thermoreg.w RS232 -40°C-250°C

Arcis Sample Prep Kit

Arcis Sample Prep Kit facilitates rapid DNA and RNA extraction in under 3 minutes X50 Arcis Sample Prep Kit: DNA and RNA extraction in 3 minutes for direct use downstream

Techne™ PrimePro 48 Real-Time PCR System Accessories

Techne™ PrimePro 48 Real-Time PCR System Accessories keep you running smoothly. Prime Pro 48 plates, pk/50

Techne™ N°ICE Electronic Ice Bucket

Chill or incubate any number or size of tubes for long periods of time with this sample cooler. Techne™ N°ICE Electronic Ice Bucket Features ceramic-coated beads maintain the temperature and support the sample vessels for as long as necessary. COOLER 0-40°C

Techne™ Gelation Timer

Measure the transition from liquid to solid during polymerization with these gelatin timers. Techne™ Gelation Timers are is the ideal for accurate measurement and quality control for the gelation of resin or adhesive based samples in the laboratory. GELIMETER FGT5

Techne™ 5Prime Thermal Cyclers

Delivers both high performance and high throughput to provide maximum flexibility when processing large number of samples in parallel and ability to upgrade base model to gradient capability 5 PRIME THERMAL CYCLER 384 WELL

Techne™ Stainless Steel Unheated Water Baths

Designed to be used with a clip-on Tempette or Tempunit™ thermoregulator, these water baths are ideal for maintaining temperature set points over a long period of time. Different sizes and depths of bath chambers are available to meet your application needs. Water bath Techne BATH08 unheated

Techne™ Stuart™ TE-10D Circulator

Suitable for most routine laboratory applications Circulator Techne TE-10D

Techne™ Dri-Block™ Heater

Provides a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory. Dri-Block™ Heaters can be used for incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet ashing, sample concentration, enzyme analysis and many other clinical and industrial purposes. DRI-BLOCK HEATER. AMBIENT + 5°C TO 100°C,for 3 blocks (not included)

Techne™ 3PrimeG Gradient Thermal Cyclers

Small gradient thermal cycler that builds on all features of 3PrimeX instrument Thermocycler Gradient 3PrimeG/02 48x0.2ml

Techne™ Stuart™ MCS-104L Model Four Position Biological Stirrers

The gentle stirring action aids attachment and promotes cell growth BIOLOGICAL STIRRER TECHNE MCS- 104L 220-240V 50HZ

Techne™ PrimePRO QPCR DNA detection Kit, Serratia marcescens (with Mastermix)

150RXN QPCR Kit, DNA, Serratia marcescens (with Mastermix)

Techne™ Stuart™ Stainless Steel Plunger

Parts and accessories to keep your gel timer running smooth and accurate. Plunger Diam. 19mm

Techne™ PrimePRO QPCR RNA detection Kit, Rotavirus A (without Mastermix)

150RXN QPCR Kit, RNA, Rotavirus A (without Mastermix)

Techne™ Advanced High-Temperature Digital Immersion Circulator

Accurately control liquid bath temperature TU-20HT Thermoregulator, 115V

Techne™ Dri-Block™ Aluminum Heating Block Insert

Precision-engineered aluminum heating blocks offer excellent temperature accuracy BLOCK 12 TUBES DIA 16MM

Techne™ Glass Disposable Plunger

Parts and accessories to keep your gel timer running smooth and accurate. X100 GLASS MOBILE

Techne™ Aluminum Dri-Block Insert

Ensure efficient heat transfer with anodized aluminum alloy blocks. Aluminum Techne™ Dri-Block Inserts provide excellent thermal conductivity. Techne block with 12 holes drilled to 25mm

Techne™ PrimePRO QPCR DNA detection Kit, Epstein Barr virus (HHV4) (with Mastermix)

150RXN QPCR Kit, DNA, Epstein Barr virus (HHV4) (with Mastermix)

Techne™ PrimePRO QPCR DNA detection Kit, Bacillus anthracis (with Mastermix)

150RXN QPCR Kit, DNA, Bacillus anthracis (with Mastermix)

Techne™ Dri-Block™ Analog Block Heaters

Use these heaters as a dry, constant temperature source for various lab and research applications. All models have independent indicator lights to show main power, heater action, and over-temperature cut out. DRY BATH 100°C ANA 2 BLOCKS