Cole-Parmer™ Lab Markers

Write on a variety of surfaces with these versatile lab markers. Cole-Parmer™ Lab Markers permanently mark plastic; wash off glass, metal, or porcelain. Markers won’t bleed or smudge when subjected to water or alcohol. X10 MARKER PEN LABORATORY FOR WET/ DRY CONDITIONSGREEN (PACK OF 10)

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Hot Plate Stirrer, 325°C, Silumin

Stirring Range: 100 to 2000 rpm; Shape: Square; Size: 150 x 150 mm HEATING STIRRER CERAMIC 15X15CM

Eppendorf™ Snap-Cap Microcentrifuge Flex-Tube™ Tubes

Choose from six colors, including amber for light-sensitive samples X500 02550-07 EPPENDORF TUBES EW-02550-07 Eppendorf Microcentrifuge Tubes, capacity, 1.5-mL, 500/pac

Jenway™ pH Temperature Electrode

Jenway™ pH Temperature Electrodes are used in conjunction with Jenway™ pH meters – 3510, 3520, 3540, 3340, 3345, and 4330. Food electrode (max. temp. 60°C)

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ UC152D Model Hot Plate Stirrer, Ambient to 450°C, Glass Ceramic

Stirring Range: 100 to 2000 rpm; Shape: Square; Size: 150 x 150 mm STIRRER/HOTPLATE, DIGITAL DISPLAY, CERAMIC TOP

pH Electrode

Use these electrodes for advanced applications where faster response times and greater reproducibility are required. pH Electrode General Purpose Epoxy bodied

Cole-Parmer™ Glove Bag™ Inflatable Glove Chambers

Protect yourself and your materials quickly without giving up lab space with these glove chambers. Glove Bag™ Inflatable Glove Chambers establish high-purity working atmosphere in minutes. Inflatable chambers effectively eliminate oxygen and moisture during material manipulation operation. X6 Inflatable Glove Chamber, 34.5' Equipment

Cole-Parmer™ Spark Bunsen Burner Lighter

Use this well-constructed safety spark lighter for all your burner ignition needs. Cole-Parmer™ Spark Bunsen Burner Lighter uses a large renewable flint that produces up to 1500 ignitions. SPARK LIGHTER W/5 FLINT

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Bibbyjet Pro™ Pipette Controller

Discharges air sucked from the pipette from the front of the unit, avoiding corrosion of internal mechanisms. Stuart™ Bibbyjet Pro™ Pipette Controllers are powerful enough to fill a 50 mL pipette in just 10 seconds. Pipette filler UK-Plug Stuart Bibbyjet Pro withwall holder,UK charger and two spare 0.2mLmembrane

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Colony Counter

Registers cumulative count on the digital display with touch pressure from felt tip marker on petri dish, confirmed by audible tone (can be turned on or off). Stuart™ Colony Counter calculates average count over multiple plates. COLONY COUNTER STUART SC

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Shaking Incubator

Provides an orbital shaking motion, adjustable between 30 to 300rpm with a gentle start action. Stuart™ Shaking Incubator is ideal for cell culturing and suspension culture applications. INCUBATOR WITH ORBITAL SHAKER 20KG

Cole-Parmer™ Stainless Steel Utility Cart

Use these durable utility carts for a variety of general laboratory storage and transportation. Cole-Parmer™ Stainless Steel Utility Cart fabricated from a tough, high-density polyethylene and provide an excellent chemical resistance to most substances, including most acids and bases. TROLLEY HDPE AND STEEL ON SWIVEL CASTERS SLATEshelf: 832mm x 546mm, overall height 1041mm

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimwipes™ Delicate Task Wipers

Clean and polish delicate surfaces without scratching or leaving residue. Single-ply Kimwipes™ EX-L wipes are made of a finely textured tissue. Come in a convenient Pop-U™ box with antistatic Lintguard™ polyshield. X60 BOXES OF 280 KIMWIPES® EX-L, 4-1/2' X 8-1/2'

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Flask Shaker

Creates a vigorous mixing action by simulating hand shaking. Stuart™ Flask Shaker is especially useful for prolonged shaking because it can be left on continuously and won't get tired! SHAKER 8 ERLENMAYER STUART SF1

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Controlled Heating Mantles

Features a durable, chemically resistant polypropylene outer housing. Fisher Scientific™ Polypropylene Controlled Heating Mantles minimize damage from spills and allow for maximum heat transfer with minimal risk of flask breakage. HEATING MANTLE 2000ML 230

Jenway™ 6305 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Suitable for applications that require measurements in the UV-visible range. Jenway™ 6305 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer includes multi-parameter displays, full interfacing capability, and versatile sampling accessories. SPECTROPHOTOMETER 6305

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Rotator Disk

Used in incubators up to 40°C and in cold rooms down to 4°C. Stuart™ Rotator Disks give gentle but effective mixing. Ideal for keeping biological samples in suspension, aerating cultures and for general mixing applications. DISC/DRUM ROTATOR FIXED SPEED

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Hot Plate, 50°C to 300°C, Metal

Shape: Rectangle; Size: 11.8 x 19.7 in. HOT PLATE 1200W

Jenway™ 550 portable pH meter supplied in carry case with epoxy combination pH electrode, ATC probe and batteries

550 portable pH meter supplied in carry case with epoxy combination pH electrode, ATC probe and batteries. A small, lightweight general purpose pH meter offering 2 point pH calibration and automatic buffer recognition. Simultaneously displays both the temperature compensated pH readings and temperature. 550 Portable PH Meter

Fisherbrand™ CMU Metal Controlled and Uncontrolled Heating Mantles

Features aluminum housing that is tough, chemical-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean ELECTROMANTLE 500ML

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Orbital Shaker

Provides a smooth uniform circular motion with an orbit of 16mm. Stuart™ Orbital Shaker is supplied with a non-slip mat that can hold up to four multi-well plates or diagnostic cards. ORBITAL SHAKER,MINI

Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution

Use this concentrated cleaning solution for critical applications. Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution cleans glass, most metals, plastic, rubber, fabric and is safe for all ultrasonic cleaners. MICRO-90 CLEANING SOLUTION 1 LITER

Electrothermal™ EM Series Electromantle Heating Mantle

Use these heating mantles for a variety of applications. EM Series Electromantle Heating Mantles provide maximum heat transfer to the sample thanks to excellent insulation around the cartridge and good flask coverage. HEATING MANTLE 100ML 230V

Electrothermal™ MC810B Digital Power Controller

Provides a convenient means of temperature control. Electrothermal™ MC810B Digital Power Controller utilises a digital display and microprocessors to provide easy operation and accurate readings. NUM CONTROLLER 1500W, PT100 PROBE

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Select, measure and display melting point digitally and negate the need for a thermometer. Stuart™ Digital Melting Point Apparatus displays temperature to 0.1 degree resolution depending on the model chosen. MELTING POINT APP DIGITAL SMP20

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ See-Saw Rocker

Creates a wave motion within vessels such as culture flasks and Petri dishes. See-Saw Rockers are supplied with a non-slip mat which holds flat based vessels securely in place during mixing. SEE-SAW ROCKER,MINI

Cole-Parmer™ EcoSpatula Single-Use Biodegradable Spatula

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, single-use spatula. Cole-Parmer™ EcoSpatula Single-Use Biodegradable Spatula is resistant to dilute acids and bases. X300 EcoSpatula Single-Use Biodegradable Spatula

Techne™ Tray Column Plus Gas Distributor

Designed for use with Techne™ Sample Concentrators. GAS CHAMBER AND STAND ONLY

Jenway™ 3520 pH/temp meter with glass combination pH electrode

3520 pH/temp meter with glass combination pH electrode, stand and holder, ATC probe, BNC shorting plug, EU power supply offers research grade specifications with a comprehensive range of features and functions, making it suitable for the broadest range of research, general laboratory, QC and GLP based applications. PH-METER JENWAY 3520 COMPLETE