Heathrow Scientific

Heathrow Scientific™ Wire Universal Bottle Rack

Holds six bottles or low profile tubes up to 33mm in diameter. Fisherbrand™ Wire Universal Bottle Rack is constructed of chemically-resistant epoxy-coated steel. Universal Bottle, Tube Racks 2 x 6

Heathrow Scientific™ RF3000™ Li-Ion Battery Pipet Controller

Packed with features for comfortable and accurate pipetting. Heathrow Scientific™ RF3000™ Li-Ion Battery Pipet Controller features a powerful pump that offers rapid, yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing, has adjustable valves and is microprocessor-controlled for constant reliability and accuracy. PIPETTE CONTROLLER RF3000 UV RESISTANT PLASTIC,LED mode, low battery indication, 5 nose cones,

Standard Black Sharpie™ Pens

Requires the use of solvent if removal is required. Standard Black Sharpie™ Pens are perfect to use on Diversified Biotech labels and recommended replacements/extras for the eCount™ Colony Counter. X12 for use with eCount pack of 6 Pens (pack of

Heathrow Scientific™ RF1000™ Manual Pipet Filler

Fill pipets with one hand. Heathrow Scientific™ RF1000™ Manual Pipet Filler provides an economical option for less-than-ideal environments. Can be used with a variety of pipet sizes and makes, and does not require custom replacement filters. Features an autoclavable polypropylene nozzle. PIPETTE FILLER HEATHROW SCIENTIFIC MANUAL, ACCOMMOdates 1mL to 100mL pipettes light-weight, fitted

Heathrow Scientific™ Tough Tags™ Tube Labels

Ensure microtube labels stay put through any lab procedure. Heathrow Scientific™ Tough Tags™ Tube Labels won’t peel or migrate, even with exposure to extreme temperatures, caustic agents or centrifugation. X1000 PACK OF 1000 TOUGH TAG LABELS, SMALL,CLEAR

Heathrow Scientific™ Digital Orbital Shaker

Packed full of high-end design features making it a versatile shaker for a vast range of protocols. Shaker has a speed range of 20 to 300 rpm 1 rpm increments. Digital orbital shaker

Heathrow Scientific™ Wire Universal Bottle Rack

Transport and handle samples in bottles up to 33mm in diameter. Heathrow Scientific™ Wire Universal Bottle Rack can be autoclaved. Rack 33mm well, 5x10 places, 355lx145wx60h mm

Heathrow Scientific™ CryoTags™

Withstand cryogenic freezer storage conditions, as well as autoclaving, boiling water baths and centrifugation. Heathrow Scientific™ CryoTags™ adhere to most plastics (100% virgin PP tubes recommended), glass and metals without cracking, peeling, or degrading. X1000 LABELS,FOR CRYOGENIC TUBES WHITE (ROLL OF1000)

Heathrow Scientific™ Disposable Forceps

Maintain grip with gorrugated handles and serrated tips. Heathrow Scientific™ Disposable Forceps are constructed of durable plastic. Forceps (dark blue) Plastic, 6/Cs, MA: HS15998C

Heathrow Scientific™ Sterile Weighing Boat

The Sterile Antistatic Standard Weighing Boat is flexible and features smooth surfaces to provide accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss. X200 Dual Purpose Scoops, Small, Sterile ( 40 bags 5)

Heathrow Scientific™ Wire Bijou Bottle Tube Rack

Holds low profile tubes up to 25mm in diameter. Heathrow Scientific™ Wire Bijou Bottle Tube Rack can be autoclaved. Rack 25mm well, 5x10 places, 271lx145wx32h mm

Heathrow Scientific™ Cardboard Cryogenic Vial Box Partition, 7 x 7

Creates a 49-well interior configuration (well diameter 17.5 mm) for cryogenic storage of 1.5 / 2.0 mL vials in mechanical freezers or vapor phase LN2. X12 True North Cardboard Cryogenic Freezer Box Partition/Divider 49 Well (7 x 7), White

Heathrow Scientific™ Silicone Lab Mat

Reusable, reliable, and reversible silicone lab mat provides an economical solution to help keep benchtops clean and safe from stains, spills and wear. The mat offers a large working surface that is anti-skid to keep items in place and noise-dampening to reduce the noise of common lab equipment. Silicone Lab Mat, purple & grey

Heathrow Scientific™ Tough Spots™ Tube Labels, Roll

Pre-cut, round tube labels will not peel or migrate, even with exposure to extreme temperatures, caustic agents or centrifugation, for secure labeling of microtubes during any lab procedure. (Available in a variety of colors; 1000 labels per roll.) Tough Spots

Heathrow Scientific™ Acrylic 3-Place Pipette Stand

Leans back on an angle so there is no danger of pipettes falling out. Heathrow Scientific™ Acrylic 3-Place Pipette Stand grasps the pipettes in two places for secure hold. Pipettenstation für 3 Pipetten, aus Acryl

Heathrow Scientific™ Purple Parafilm™ M Sealing Film

Parafilm™ M Sealing Film protects the integrity of your laboratory and research applications. Parafilm 50mm x 75m, Purple

Heathrow Scientific™ Reagent Reservoir, Sterile Polystyrene

Reagent Reservoirs offer a fresh and modern design with enhanced features to streamline pipetting procedures X100 Reagent Reservoir, 50mL, PVC, Sterile, 5 Wrap

Heathrow Scientific™ Magnetic Mini Stirrer

An economical stirring solution made for ultimate function, with optimal magnetic coupling and high quality stir bars to ensure dependable stirring efficiency. Mini Magnetic Stirrer

Fisherbrand™ Square Weighing Boats

Provide accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss . Fisherbrand™ Square Weighing Boats have rounded corners for easier pouring. X500 weighing boat, square, medium, blue

Heathrow Scientific™ Pour-Boat Weighing Dishes

Dispenses samples easily without flexing the dish. Heathrow Scientific™ Pour-Boat Weighing Dishes can be used with microwave moisture analyzers. X500 Gravity Pour Boat, White large

Heathrow Scientific™ Rubber Pipet Filler

Control air evacuation, liquid uptake, and liquid dispensing. Heathrow Scientific™ Pipet Filler contains a chemical-resistant stainless steel ball in each of three valves for efficient one-handed operation. Rubber Pipet Filler, black, 1/Cs, MA: HS20632A

Heathrow Scientific™ Aluminum Test Tube Basket

Wash and store test tubes. Heathrow Scientific™ Aluminum Test Tube Basket can withstand repeated exposure to autoclaves. Aluminum Test Tube Basket 10 x 6 x 6, 1/CsHS20341B

Heathrow Scientific™ CryogenicVial Holder

Fit tube sizes 2 to 5mL and include 50 wells. Heathrow Scientific™ Cryogenic Vial Holders keep vials and tubes secure in 12.9mm diameter wells. X4 50-Well Cryogenic Vial Holder (Blue) Pack 4

Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets

Withstands cryogenic freezer storage conditions, as well as autoclaving, boiling water baths and centrifugation. Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets are pre-cut, peel off labels designed for use at cryogenic temperatures. X1700 Laser labels for 1.5ml tubes, red,1.28in x 0.50in

Heathrow Scientific™ Grabbit Hot/Cold Temperature Mitt

Protect your hands from hot or cold labware. Heathrow Scientific™ Grabbit Hot/Cold Temperature Mitt includes internal ribs for added dexterity. Grabbit Temp Mitt Full Hand

Heathrow Scientific™ Tough-Tags™ Large Labels for Laser Printers

Ensure microtube labels stay put through any lab procedure. Heathrow Scientific™ Tough-Tags™ Large Labels for Laser Printers won’t peel or migrate, even with exposure to extreme temperatures, caustic agents or centrifugation. X2400 LABELS,LARGE FOR LASER PRINTER (85 LABELSTO SHEET) Box of 25 sheets (2125 labels)

Heathrow Scientific™ Vortexer Mixer, Blue

The Vortexer is a multi-purpose, and maximum convenience unit. This sleek and modern designed vortex mixer is capable of meeting the mixing requirements of the most popular test tubes used in today’s lab without the need to swap out mixing head units. Vortex Mixer, multi-purpose head-piece, 220V, EU plug

Heathrow Scientific™ Aluminum Weighing Dish

Made from Ultra High Vacuum (UVH) Foil that is 'A' wettable and completely free from oils normally found on other grades of aluminum foil. X20 Aluminum Weighing Dish, "Cahn style" accessory pan/disc format

Heathrow Scientific™ Tungsten Point Lab Pen

Etches glass, plastic, and ceramic. Heathrow Scientific™ Tungsten Point Lab Pen contains a sharp, tungsten carbide tip to permaently mark slides, test tubes, and labware. Tungsten-Point Lab pen, 1/Cs, MA: HS1846

Heathrow Scientific™ Plastic Slide Mailer

One-place plastic mailer made of natural color plastic is ideal for secure shipping and storing of standard slides. X50 Plastic Slide Mailer, 1 place, natural colour