Laboratory and scientific equipment are major investments and are very important to your lab. UnityLab Services can help protect and optimise that investment. We provide a complete portfolio of services and support solutions designed to help you improve productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and ensure performance throughout your laboratory.


Let our service professionals handle your installation. Unity Lab Services will provide you with:

  • Improved Productivity: Accurate installation scheduled at your convenience, optimising both equipment and user performance.
  • Peace of Mind: Your equipment will be installed and configured to our manufacturing specifications ensuring optimal performance while users are trained on equipment operation and routine care.


  • Includes labour and travel
  • Connection to prepared service
  • Testing of equipment functionality and safety checks to manufacturer's specification
  • Setup of user operating profiles on equipment
  • End-user training and general equipment maintenance
  • Single-point parameter verification (as appropriate for equipment)
Extended Warranties and Service Plans

We offer a range of affordable support Plans to improve productivity, increase equipment uptime and utilisation, maintain peak performance and lower the total cost of ownership. This extends the lifetime of your equipment investment while providing you convenient access to quality service and parts and eliminating the uncontrollable cost of unplanned maintenance and repairs. That translates to lower costs, less time and less confusion for you.

For your laboratory equipment:

Unity Extended Warranty Unity Extended Warranty Plus Unity Basic Lite Plan Unity Basic Service Plan Unity Comfort Plan Unity Full Service Plan
Unlimited Priority Technical Phone Support
Firmware/Software Updates
On-Site Preventive Maintenance  
Safety Check and Certificate to Local Regulation  
Preventive Maintenance Parts Kit  
Priority On-Site Support
On-Site Visits- Labour and Travel
  10% Discount
Factory-Certified Parts
  25% Discount 25% Discount
ADD-ON SERVICES            
Qualification Services
Improved Response Time
Additional Preventive Maintenance
Calibration Services

For your molecular instruments:

Entitlements Critical Support Plan Extended Warranty 1 Essential Plan Basic Depot Plan Limited Plan Proactive Plan
On-Site Preventive Maintenance




Preventive Maintenance Parts Kits




Unlimited Priority Telephone Support

Firmware/Software Updates

Unlimited Priority Telephone Support


Unlimited Priority Telephone Support 2 day 3 day 3 day   5 day  
On-Site Visits Labour and Travel unlimited unlimited unlimited   one  
Factory-Certified Parts



Technical Reviews

Priority Technical Support Coverage

Discounted Service Products

Incidental Consumables

Instrument Relocations Services

Instrument Uptime Guarantee

Designated Account Manager



1. Extended warranty is available at the point of instrument sales, only.

2. These items can be removed from the original plans.

3. For 1 visit

Validation Services

Selecting the right validation supplier for your equipment is important for the success and efficiency of your laboratory. With our services you receive a full range of validation capabilities along with:

Improved productivity: Our factory-developed IQ, OQ and temperature mapping or cycle testing or sterilisation testing documents allow you to start the review process before the equipment arrives, increasing product uptime.

Single-vendor convenience: We offer installation, validation and annual re-qualification of your laboratory equipment.

Peace-of-mind: Our factory-certified validation technicians are product experts with experience and knowledge in regulated environments.

No charge, re-qualification: After our initial qualification, we will re-qualify your unit at no charge if a key component fails while under warranty or an approved service contract.

Contact us for the validation for your equipment:

  • Bio Safety Cabinets
  • Centrifuges
  • Incubators & Environmental Chambers
  • Microplate Instrumentation
  • Plant Growth Chambers
  • Plate Shuttle Systems


  • Cold Storage Equipment
  • Heating Instruments
  • Sample Preparation Equipment
  • Shakers & Stirrers
  • Waste Water Sterilisers
  • Water Baths
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Water Analysis Systems
  • Well Washers
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
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