Merck™ Fast-Trap™ Adenovirus and Lentivirus Purification and Concentration Kits

Quick, easy membrane-based method for laboratory-scale virus purification 1SET FAST-TRAP ADENOVIRUS PURIFICATION AND CONCENTRATION KIT

Millipore™ Stainless Steel Filter Holder Support

Filter holder support for manifold, stainless steel

Merck™ EZ-Pak™ Membranes

Used for general microbiological analysis.  Millipore™ EZ-Pak™ Membranes are sterile, ready-to-use membranes that eliminate contamination risk and save time. X600 0.45µm 47mm green gridded EZ-Pak filter membrane made of mixed cellulose esters

Merck™ Isopore™ Polycarbonate Membrane Filters

Use for analyses of airborne contaminants and other particles using optical or electron microscopy. MilliporeSigma™ Isopore™ Polycarbonate Membrane Filters have a smooth, glass-like surface for clearer sample observation. Available in a variety of pore sizes/flow rates, diameters and colors. X100 ISOPORE POLYCARB 3UM WH PL 13MM

Merck™ Chemicon™ QCM Chemotaxis Cell Migration Assay, 24-well (5μm), Chromogenic

Activity Assay QCM 5µm Chemotaxis Assay 24-Well Colorimetric

Merck™ anti-Integrin beta3 Clone: 290.5C10

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody 100UL Anti-Integrin ß3 (Ab-1) Mouse mAb (290.5C10)

Merck™ Amicon™ Ultra-2.0 Centrifugal Filter Units

Reverse spin capability provides consistent recoveries X24 Amicon Ultra 2ml 10K

Merck™ Progard™ 1 Pretreatment Pack (Short)

For optimal protection of Reverse Osmosis membranes PROGARD 1 ALONE (SHORT)

Millipore™ Filtration Sheets


Merck™ Scepter 2.0 Automated Handheld Cytometer

Cell counting in a portable, personalized format Scepter 2.0 Handheld Cell Counter, with 50pk of 60uM Sensors

Merck™ Groundwater Sampling Capsules

Large surface area and high-throughput membrane X50 Ground water sampling capsule, 1um

Merck™ Ultrafiltration Membranes - Amicon™ XM Polyacrylonitrile/PVC Copolymer Filters

High-recovery membranes for stirred cells X10 XM Discs 50K NMWL 25MM

Merck™ Milli-Q™ Ultrapure Water Systems Accessory, Cartridges

Choose from a wide selection of replacement cartridges QUANTUM ICP

Merck™ Ultrafiltration Membranes - BioMax™ PB21

High-recovery membranes for stirred cells X10 B10K 44.5MM HIGH FLUX

Merck™ Immobilon™ Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate (ECL)

Provides high sensitivity over a broad detection range at an economical price X2 IMMOBILON WESTERN CHEMILUM HRP SUBSTRATE 50ml

Merck™ EZ-Fit™ Manifold for EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units

For use in general microbiological analysis EZ-Fit Manifold, 6-place for EZ-Fit Filtration Units

Merck™ Nylon Plain Surface Net Filter


Merck™ Hose Connector

Contructed of Series 300 stainless-steel HOSE CONNECTOR 1/4'' NPTF QUICK RELEASE NIPPLE

Merck™ Sterivex Sterile Pressure-Driven Devices

Minimize contamination risk to filtered solution by direct-dispensing design. MilliporeSigma™ Sterivex Sterile Pressure-Driven Devices are ready-to-use units that filter solutions with volumes of 100 to 2000mL. Available in a variety of fittings, pore sizes and membrane types. X15 Sterivex-HV Durapore PVDF .45um RS

Merck™ Amicon™ Ultra Centrifugal Filter Units

Achieve both high sample recovery and fast sample processing. EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra Centrifugal Filter Units feature regenerated cellulose membranes that are ideal for protein & nucleic acid purification, concentration and desalting. Available in several diameters and molecular weight limits. X96 Amicon Ultra Centrifugal 4ml 100K NMWL

Merck™ Inline Filter Holder

Supports inline production of ultraclean liquids or gasses by pressure prefiltration IN-LINE PP FILTER HOLDER, 47MM

Merck™ PVDF Durapore Media Hydrophilic Membrane Filter


Merck™ Flow-limiting Orifices

Creates quantitative airflow through a filter for airborne contamination analysis FLOW-LIMITING ORIFICES, 2L/MIN

Merck™ Q-POD 2™ Ultrapure Water Remote Delivery Point

For convenient access to ultrapure water Q-POD Stand

Merck™ Pellicon™ XL Devices

Small-volume tangential flow filter device Ultrafiltration device Pellicon XL 50 Biomax

Merck™ Durapore™ PVDF Membrane Filters: Hydrophilic: 0.65μ Pore Size

Recommended when maximum recovery is important X100 DURAPORE PVDF .65UM WH PL 25MM

Merck™ Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert

Merck™ Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert allows attachment or suspension cells to access media from both their apical and basolateral sides. X48 Millicell Hanging Cell Culture Insert, PET 1um, 24-well,

Merck™ MultiScreen™ Carrier Racks

For radionucleotide counting by transfer of individual filters to tubes MultiScreen Carrier Rack for 12mm x 75mm tubes