Bio Tek

BioTek™ Filter Cube

For use with Synergy LX Filter Cube Asby Red

BioTek™ Filters for ELx808™ Absorbance Microplate Reader

Accessory for use with ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Readers. FILTER 650 FOR ELX808

BioTek™ ELx405™ Select Deep-Well Microplate Washer

World's first deep well microplate washer that aspirates and dispenses into 96- and 384-well plates <50mm in height ELx405UD Microplate washer deep well96/384-well plates

BioTek™ EL406 Microplate Washer Dispenser

Offers fast, full plate washing along with three reagent dispensers in one, compact instrument EL406 for 96-well microplate washing and dispensing. 96-tube wash manifold, Dual Syringe Dispenser

BioTek™ EL406 1536-well Microplate Washer-Dispenser

Fast, full plate washing with one compact instrument EL406 1536-well washing+dispensing. Dual Syringe-Non-autocl, large bore steel tubes +128-tube (4x32)

BioTek™ Filter Cubes for Imaging Multi-Mode Readers

For use with Cytation 3 and Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers. GFP FILTER CUBE

BioTek™ Synergy™ HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Compact, affordable system automates absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and AlphaScreen™/AlphaLISA™ measurements. BioTek Synergy HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader provides superior performance in all detection modes using a unique dualoptics design. The absorbance detection optics design uses a xenon flash lamp and monochromator for filter-free wavelength selection from 200 to 999nm in 1nm increments. Synergy HTX S1LFTA 50 ÂșC, linear+orbital shaking,Gen5+Top/Bottom Filter Fluo, Lumino, UVVIS Fluo

BioTek™ 405™ Touch Microplate Washer

Configured with many options to meet myriad assay requirements 405TSR Microplate washer 96-well washing.Includes96-tube (8x12) single manifold,4-buffer switching

BioTek™ Precision™ XS Microplate Sample Processor

Four liquid transfer technologies in one instrument Precision XS Syringe Dispenser-Autoclavable. Adds1 syringe. Includes 8-channel (1x8) manifold.

BioTek™ Injector Accessory

BioTek™ Injector Accessory is suitable for a Dual Reagent Injector and features feedthrough assembly with a straight dispense tip. 1 Set: Dual Reagent Injector Accessories

BioTek™ BioCell™ Vessel and Adapter

For use with PowerWave™ HT, Eon and Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometers ADAPTATEUR POUR CUVE BIOCELL

BioTek™ Synergy™ HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Compact, affordable system for 6- to 384-well microplates and Take3 Micro-Volume Plates. The Synergy™ HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader performs absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and AlphaScreen™/ AlphaLISA™ measurements using a unique dual-optics design that provides superior performance. Synergy HTX S1LA + 50% OFF TAKE3 plate

BioTek™ LED Cubes for Imaging Multi-Mode Readers

For use with Cytation 3 and Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers. 590 nm LED cube

BioTek™ EL406 Microplate Washer/Dispenser

Fast, full plate washing capability using patented Dual Action™ manifold 406PSUB2LB 384/1536-well microplate washing/dispensing.192-tube(16x12),Ultrason, 4 Wash Buffer Switc

Biotek Instruments™ Aerosol Cabinet


Bio Tek Instruments Synergy LX Multi-Mode Reader

Bio Tek Instruments Synergy LX Multi-Mode Reader is a low cost, easy to use, multi-mode reader addressing the most common endpoint microplate based assays Synergy LX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

BioTek™ Accessories for BioStack™ Microplate Stacker

For use with BioStack4 microplate stacker 30-plate stack set for lidded plates

BioTek™ Fluorescence Filter


BioTek™ Gen5™ Data Collection and Analysis Software

Compatible with BioTek microplate readers. BioTek Gen5 Data Collection and Analysis Software has a contemporary interface which provides easy access to all major functions of the software including reading parameters, plate layout, data reduction, online help, wizards, tutorials and sample protocols. Gen5 base software applications absorb, fluo, lumino. License for 5 installations IVD

BioTek™ Gas Controllers for CO2 and O2 Control

Allows regulation of environment for microplate based live cell assays GAS CONTROLLER FOR CO2 AND O2 CONTROL

BioTek™ Accessories for BioTek Microplate Readers

For use with Multi-mode, absorbance and monochromator based microplate readers. 590/20 NM FILTER FOR FLUOROMETER

BioTek™ Microplate Washer Dispense Bottles

For use with microplate washers and washer dispenser models 10L DISPENSE BOTTLE

BioTek™ Wash Manifold Set

24 Well Wash Comb-Stripe

BioTek Instruments 40x Olympus Plan Achromat

Objv 20x PL Ach WD 1.2 NA 0.4

Biotek™ Fluorescence Filter


BioTek™ 405™ LS Microplate Washer with Automated Four-Buffer Switching

Accurate, precise and fast washing 405LSHTV Microplate washer 384well,192-tube(16x12)Dualmanifold,ultrasonic cleaner,buffer switch

BioTek™ 2 x 8-Well Manifold

For fast processing of 96-well plates 2 x 8 manifold for fast processing of 96-well plates

BioTek™ 50TS Microplate Washer

For biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration 50 TS Washer with 12-well manifold for 96-well strip or full plate washing.