BUCHI Vacuum Seal WD-26 for Rotavapors™ R-210/215 and RII

Convenient and efficient rotary evaporation. Vacuum Seal WD-26 for Rotavapors™ R-210/215 and RII enables the user to realize the highest expectations in convenience and versatility. Gasket WD26

BUCHI B-290 Mini Spray Dryer

Designed to visualize the spray drying process for wide range of applications. BUCHI™ B-290 Mini Spray Dryers are ideal for use in pharmaceutical, materials, chemistry and food and beverage industries. MINI SPRAY DRYER B-290 BASIC / 50-60 Hz)

BUCHI Joint Adapter 29.2/32 with Combi-Clip for Rotavapor™ R-200/205

Fasten evaporating flask to vapor duct with patented Combi-Clip snap lock mechanism. Buchi™ Joint Adapter 29.2/32 with Combi-Clip with the Rotavapor R-200/205. Joint adapter 29.2/32 with combi clip

BUCHI M-560/565 Melting Point Instruments

Fast and AccurateFast and accurate. BUCHI M-560/565 Melting Point Instruments have simple menus and programs that are easy to navigate on the intuitive LCD display, with either manual or automatic, real time video instrument. Basic Set: Melting Point M-560

BUCHI Glass Vapor Ducts with Combi-Clip

Replacement vapor duct tubes for Buchi™ rotary evaporators. Vapour Duct V/C + Clip 29,2/32

BUCHI Vacuum Seal for Rotary Evaporators

For Buchi™ Rotary Evaporators Sealing system KD-34

BUCHI Long Vapor Duct with Combi-Clip

For use with the R-II/R-210/R-215 series of rotary evaporators. Vapour duct long SJ29/32 with combi clip 05

BUCHI Drying Glass Ovens

Gentle drying with full sample visibility B-585 Glass Oven Kugelrohr

BUCHI F-105 Recirculating Chiller

Integration of the refrigerator in the evaporation system provide efficient distillation. Buchi™ F-105 Recirculating Chiller is a cost-effective recirculating chiller with 500 W cooling capacity, particularly suitable for Rotavapor™ R-100 systems. Recirculating Chiller, F-105 Model 500W controlled

BUCHI Calibration Kit for Melting Point Apparatus

For use with Melting Point apparatus. X3 calibration substances

BUCHI Rotavapor™ R-300

Includes Heating Bath B-305 which reaches up to 220°C; and has a capacity of 5 liters. Buchi™ Rotavapor&trade, R-300 uses an electronic lift system and is supplied with standard joint SJ 29/32 that also includes an evaporating flask and vapor duct. R-300 rotary evaporator,electronic lift, verticalglass with P+G coating, with B-305 5L bath

Buchi™ Rotavapor™ R-100 Evaporator

Includes accessories for out of the box usage. Buchi™ Rotavapor™ R-100 Evaporator offers easy operation by integrating interface, vacuum pump and recirculating chiller. Rotavapor R-100, glass assembly V,P+G glass

BUCHI Glass Head Set

For use with Buchi™ Vacuum Systems V-500/V-513. Set of Glashead for V-500

BUCHI K-350 Distillation Unit

An easy-to-use basic distillation unit for steam distillation-based applications and the analysis of Kjeldahl nitrogen and protein in all kinds of industries. Distillation Unit K-350 glass splash protector

BUCHI Evaporating Flasks for Rotary Evaporators

Use these evaporating flasks with any rotary evaporator. Buchi™ Evaporating Flasks offer high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis and organic substances. Ideal for the distillation of solvents. EVAPORATING FLASK BUCHI 29,2/32 250ML

BUCHI Rotavapor™ Dynamic R-300 Rotary Evaporator System

Features full automation, method-based guided operation, data recording and realtime charting for rotary evaporation applications. Rotavapor™ Dynamic R-300 Rotary Evaporator Systems meet the highest expectations in convenient operation and reproducibility. R-300 rotary evap,man.lift,V glass,P+G coating, B-301 bath,I-300 interface, woulff bottle,V-300 pump

BUCHI Sample Tube Set

Guarantee safety, precision and durability with these tubes. BUCHI™ Sample Tube Set is ideal for Kjeldahl and Hydrolysis Instruments. X4 Sample tubes 300ml (4)

BUCHI V-100 Vacuum Pump

Cover essential vacuum generation needs with this economical diaphragm vacuum pump. Buchi™ V-100 Vacuum Pumps feature a space-saving design and chemically resistant PTFE construction. Optimally suited to work with the Rotavapor R-100. V-100 pump stand alone+woulf bottle

BUCHI Rotavapor™ R-100 Rotary Evaporator

Meet the essential needs of classical laboratory applications with this rotary evaporator. Buchi™ Rotavapor™ R-100 Rotary Evaporators are capable of a manually adjustable rotation speeds of 20 to 280rpm and equipped with an action jack lift for manual lifting of the evaporating flask. Rotavapor R-100, glass assembly V

BUCHI M-565 Melting Point Instrument with Sample Loader M-569

Automatic and reliable determination of melting point, boiling point and slip melting point. Prof. Set Meltingpoint M-565 & Sample Loader M-569

BUCHI GL-14 Hose Barbs for Rotavapor™ R-300

For use with Rotavapor™ R-300. X4 House Nipple GL14 cpl (4)

BUCHI Rotavapor™ R-300 Rotary Evaporator, electric lift

Features a modular design for easy extension of the R-300 to a fully integrated system where a central interface regulates each component. Rotavapor™ R-300 Rotary Evaporator meets the highest expectations in convenience and versatility for rotary evaporation applications. Rotavapor R-300E WB 5L 29/32 V PG 230

BUCHI V-850 and V-855 Vacuum Controllers

Universal units for the display, adjustment and control of all vacuum systems V-850 for R-21X & V-7X0 (100V-230V) Incl. support, communication cable

BUCHI Ceramic Crucible

For use with B-440 Wet Digesters to aid in the ecological pre-incineration of different types of samples. Crucible 90ml for B-440

BUCHI F-305 Recirculating Chiller

Designed to work with laboratory equipment such as rotary evaporators, parallel evaporators, Kjeldahl and extraction products. Buchi™ F-305 Recirculating Chillers are particularly suited for Rotavapor™ R-300 systems. Recirculating Chiller F-305, temperature -10°C to+25°C

BUCHI V-300 Vacuum Pump

Use this pump in with the I-300 or I-300 Pro Interface for economical, speed-controlled operation and low noise emission. Buchi™ V-300 Vacuum Pumps feature chemically-resistant PTFE construction and a transparent front panel. Optimally suited to work with the Rotavapor™ R-300. Vacuum pump V-300 Capacity, Final Vacuum: 1.8m3/h, 5mbar

BUCHI Glass Bulb Tube Set with 3 Balls

Ball Tube with 3 Balls of 20ml

BUCHI Sher Indicator


BUCHI Steam Pipe for Rotavapor R-200/205

This heavy-duty glassware is designed to fit Buchi™ rotary evaporators. Vapour duct

BUCHI Glass Column MPLC

Column Only L=460,D=100