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MP Biomedicals™ Medium 199 (modified) with Hanks' Salts with Glutamine without Sodium Bicarbonate

Medium 199 (modified) with Hanks' Salts with Glutamine without Sodium Bicarbonate MEDIUM 199 1X10 LITER

MP Biomedicals™ Rabbit Serum

Supports cultures of Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease. RABBIT SERUM 100ML

Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 6089-09-4 Molecular Formula: C5H5O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 97.09 MDL Number: MFCD00069368 InChI Key: MLBYLEUJXUBIJJ-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: 4-pentynoic acid, propargylacetic acid, pent-4-yn-1-oic acid, 4-pentynoicacid, pent4-ynoic acid, zlchem 796, pubchem3491, pent-4-yn-oic acid, acmc-1az7d PubChem CID: 22464 IUPAC Name: pent-4-ynoic acid SMILES: C#CCCC(=O)O (-)-NICOTINE 1G

MP Biomedicals™ 3 Step-Assembly with Studded Bearings

Replacement part for FastPrep-24™ 3 STEP-ASSEMBLY WITH STUDDED BEARINGS 1 each

Beta - Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate Reduced Tetrasodium Salt 98% MP Biomedicals

CAS: 2646-71-1 Molecular Formula: C21H38N7Na4O17P3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 845.447 InChI Key: PXZMRWLOXSYIGR-NFOLICFBSA-N Synonym: nadph tetrasodium salt, nadph, tetrasodium salt, coenzyme ii tetrasodium salt reduced form PubChem CID: 131673986 IUPAC Name: [[(2R,3R,4R,5R)-5-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-3-hydroxy-4-phosphonooxyoxolan-2-yl]methoxy-hydroxyphosphoryl] [(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(3-carbamoyl-4H-pyridin-1-yl)-3,4-dihydroxyoxolan-2-yl]methyl hydrogen phosphate;molecular hydrogen;sodium SMILES: [HH].[HH].[HH].[HH].C1C=CN(C=C1C(=O)N)C2C(C(C(O2)COP(=O)(O)OP(=O)(O)OCC3C(C(C(O3)N4C=NC5=C4N=CN=C5N)OP(=O)(O)O)O)O)O.[Na].[Na].[Na].[Na] 1GR ß-NICOTINAMIDE ADENINE DINUCLEOTIDE PHOSPHATEREDUCED

MP Biomedicals™ Trypsin, Porcine Pancreas

Typical use for this product is in removing adherent cells from a culture surface. The concentration of trypsin necessary to dislodge cells from their substrate is dependent primarily on the cell type and the age of the culture. 100GR TRYPSIN, 1-250

MP Biomedicals™ RNaid™ Kit

Provides a simple and convenient way to isolate total RNA from agarose and polyacrylamide gels and from solutions. RNaid® KIT 200 preps

MP Biomedicals™ Microchem I Printer Paper, for SafTest™ Test kits

Accessory for Saftest™ analyzer. Thermal Paper SafTest II New Anlyzer

MP Biomedicals™ LB Medium, Dehydrated (Powder): Pouches

Formulations of the E. coli growth media known as LB Medium typically contain 10g of tryptone and 5g of yeast extract per liter; contains 10g NaCl per liter LB-MEDIUM (PACK)(POUCHES) 10x1.0L

MP Biomedicals™ Casein Hydrolysate Acid

Sulfuric acid digest of casein 5LB CASEIN HYDROLYSATE ACID

MP Biomedicals™ Protease, from S. aureus strain V8

Used for selective cleavage of proteins for amino acid sequence determination or peptide mapping 10MG PROTEASE

Polymyxin B Sulfate MP Biomedicals

CAS: 1405-20-5 Molecular Formula: C56H100N16O17S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 1301.571 MDL Number: MFCD00131991 InChI Key: HFMDLUQUEXNBOP-ZFUOWTTOSA-N Synonym: Aerosporin PubChem CID: 133109994 IUPAC Name: N-[(2S)-4-amino-1-[[(2S,3R)-1-[[(2S)-4-amino-1-oxo-1-[[(3S,6S,18R)-6,9,18-tris(2-aminoethyl)-15-benzyl-3-[(1R)-1-hydroxyethyl]-12-(2-methylpropyl)-2,5,8,11,14,17,20-heptaoxo-1,4,7,10,13,16,19-heptazacyclotricos-21-yl]amino]butan-2-yl]amino]-3-hydroxy-1-ox SMILES: CCC(C)CCCCC(=O)NC(CCN)C(=O)NC(C(C)O)C(=O)NC(CCN)C(=O)NC1CCNC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(NC1=O)CCN)CC2=CC=CC=C2)CC(C)C)CCN)CCN)C(C)O.OS(=O)(=O)O 10MU POLYMYXIN B SULFATE

MP Biomedicals™ Microplate Sealing Tape

Suitable for all microplates for both short- and long-term storage, providing a tight seal to minimize evaporation and condensation. MICROPLATE SEALING TAPE 1 ROLL

MP Biomedicals™ LB-Agar, Capsules, Molecular Biology Certified™

Rich medium for the growth of E. coli and certified for plasmid and other bacterial cultures in liquid medium. LB-AGAR MEDIUM (CAPSULES) 454 g

Isopropyl-β-D-Thiogalactopyranoside, >99%, MP Biomedicals

CAS: 367-93-1 Molecular Formula: C9H18O5S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 238.298 InChI Key: BPHPUYQFMNQIOC-NXRLNHOXSA-N Synonym: iptg, isopropyl-beta-d-thiogalactopyranoside, isopropyl-beta-d-thiogalactoside, isopropyl thiogalactoside, isopropyl beta-d-thiogalactopyranoside, isopropyl beta-d-thiogalactoside, isopropyl beta-d-1-thiogalactopyranoside, unii-x73vv2246b, 2r,3r,4s,5r,6s-2-hydroxymethyl-6-isopropylthio tetrahydro-2h-pyran-3,4,5-triol, isopropyl-1-beta-d-thiogalactoside PubChem CID: 656894 ChEBI: CHEBI:61448 IUPAC Name: (2R,3R,4S,5R,6S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-propan-2-ylsulfanyloxane-3,4,5-triol SMILES: CC(C)SC1C(C(C(C(O1)CO)O)O)O 10GR ISOPROPYL-ß-D-THIOGALACTOPYRANOSIDE

MP Biomedicals™ CSM-LEU-TRP, Powdered Media

Double Dropout of Complete Supplement Mixture (CSM) of amino acids for S. cereviseae; growth media 10GR CSM-LEU-TRP (POWDER)

Pancuronium bromide, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 15500-66-0 Molecular Formula: C35H62Br2N2O4+2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 734.699 MDL Number: MFCD00079223 InChI Key: NPIJXCQZLFKBMV-YTGGZNJNSA-N Synonym: 1,1'-[2β,3α,5α,16b,17b-3-17-bis(acetyloxy)-androstane-2,16-diyl]bis[1-methylpiperidinium]dibromide PubChem CID: 129893486 IUPAC Name: [(2S,3S,5S,8R,9S,10S,13S,14S,16S,17R)-17-acetyloxy-10,13-dimethyl-2,16-bis(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium-1-yl)-2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16,17-tetradecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-yl] acetate;dihydrobromide SMILES: CC(=O)OC1CC2CCC3C(C2(CC1[N+]4(CCCCC4)C)C)CCC5(C3CC(C5OC(=O)C)[N+]6(CCCCC6)C)C.Br.Br PANCURONIUM BROMIDE 50 MG

Indocyanine green, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 3599-32-4 Molecular Formula: C43H47N2NaO6S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 774.967 MDL Number: MFCD00013078 InChI Key: MOFVSTNWEDAEEK-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: Cardiogreen, Fax green PubChem CID: 132274068 ChEBI: CHEBI:31696 IUPAC Name: sodium;4-[(2E)-2-[(2E,4E,6Z)-7-[1,1-dimethyl-3-(4-sulfonatobutyl)benzo[e]indol-3-ium-2-yl]hepta-2,4,6-trienylidene]-1,1-dimethylbenzo[e]indol-3-yl]butane-1-sulfonate SMILES: CC1(C(=[N+](C2=C1C3=CC=CC=C3C=C2)CCCCS(=O)(=O)[O-])C=CC=CC=CC=C4C(C5=C(N4CCCCS(=O)(=O)[O-])C=CC6=CC=CC=C65)(C)C)C.[Na+] 50MG INDOCYANINE GREEN

Streptozotocin, ≥97%, MP Biomedicals™

CAS: 18883-66-4 Molecular Formula: C8H15N3O7 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 265.222 InChI Key: ZSJLQEPLLKMAKR-UHEPRFFZSA-N Synonym: STZ, 2-Deoxy-2-(3-methyl-3-nitrosoureido)-D-glucopyranose PubChem CID: 45357367 IUPAC Name: 1-methyl-1-nitroso-3-[(2R,4R,5S,6R)-2,4,5-trihydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)oxan-3-yl]urea SMILES: CN(C(=O)NC1C(C(C(OC1O)CO)O)O)N=O STREPTOZOTOCIN 5G

IgG Fraction Goat anti-Mouse, FITC, Polyclonal, MP Biomedicals

Goat Polyclonal Antibody 2ML IgG, Whole Molecule POLYCLONAL ANTIBODY

MP Biomedicals™ Binding Matrix

Silica slurry that binds DNA from lysates for further purification BINDING MATRIX 66 ml

Nitrofurantoin Yellow crystals. MP Biomedicals

CAS: 67-20-9 Molecular Formula: C8H6N4O5 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 238.159 InChI Key: NXFQHRVNIOXGAQ-YCRREMRBSA-N Synonym: nitrofurantoin, macrodantin, 5-nitrofurantoin, furadantin, furadonine, nitrofurantoine, furadantine, furadantoin, furadoine, furadontin PubChem CID: 6604200 ChEBI: CHEBI:71415 IUPAC Name: 1-[(E)-(5-nitrofuran-2-yl)methylideneamino]imidazolidine-2,4-dione SMILES: C1C(=O)NC(=O)N1N=CC2=CC=C(O2)[N+](=O)[O-] 250GR NITROFURANTOIN

MP Biomedicals™ PhoenIX™ Gigaprep Kit

Designed for fast purification of up to 10mg transfection-grade plasmid or cosmid DNA. PHOENIX GIGAPREP KIT 5 PREPS

Cesium Chloride, 99.999%, (Solutions are clear and colorless/Ultra Pure ), MP Biomedicals

CAS: 7647-17-8 Molecular Formula: ClCs Molecular Weight (g/mol): 168.355 InChI Key: AIYUHDOJVYHVIT-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: cesium chloride, caesium chloride, cesium monochloride, cesium chloride cscl, dicesium dichloride, cscl, tricesium trichloride, unii-gnr9hml8ba, gnr9hml8ba, caesium 1+ ion chloride PubChem CID: 24293 ChEBI: CHEBI:63039 IUPAC Name: cesium;chloride SMILES: [Cl-].[Cs+] CESIUM CHLORIDE ULTRA PURE ,500G

Liqui-Gel 29:1, MP Biomedicals

A 40% (w/v) solution of Ultra Pure Acrylamide (38.67%) and bis-Acrylamide (1.33%) in specially-prepared deionized water. Final ratio is 29:1 500ML LIQUI-GEL 29:1

MP Biomedicals™ Geneclean™ Turbo Kit, 100 Preps

For nucleic acid isolation and purification GENECLEAN® TURBO 100 preps