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Specification Sheet

Fisher Scientific's Quality System has been found to conform to Quality Management System Standard ISO9001:2015 by SAI Global Certificate Number QMS42099

Catalogue Number: C/4920 Expiry Phrase: Use within 3 years of opening

Description: Chloroform
Grade: SLR Application: Specified reagent for laboratory work

Result Name Specification Units
Acidity/alkalinity (meq/g) <= 0.001 meq/g
Assay (GC) >= 99 %
Calcium (Ca) <= 5 ppm
Colour <= 10 APHA
Copper (Cu) <= 2 ppm
Iron (Fe) <= 5 ppm
Lead (Pb) <= 5 ppm
Magnesium (Mg) <= 2 ppm
Potassium (K) <= 2 ppm
Residue after evaporation (ppm) <= 20 ppm
Sodium (Na) <= 5 ppm
Substances darkened by H2SO4 (APHA) <= 20 APHA
Total phosphorus (P) <= 2 ppm
Total silicon (Si) <= 2 ppm
Total sulfur (S) <= 2 ppm
Water <= 0.1 %
Zinc (Zn) <= 2 ppm

Additional Information:

Mrs Paula Faulkes Tuesday 25th of June 2024
Quality Assurance Manager.

Note: The data listed is valid for all package sizes of this lot of this product, expressed as an extension of the catalogue number listed above. If there are any questions regarding this certificate, please call Technical Support on +32 1456 5600